Thank You 2019!

Thank you for my word of the year: Trust, a word that really came in handy when situations got foggy or hard or were simply unknown. I was able to let go of it all and put my trust in the greater good. It was a word that encouraged me to set aside anxiety, to set aside the Universal Remote and relax into uncertainty.

Thank you for these two human creatures:

Two great little kids who bring me nothing but love and lessons, silly fun and a squishy heart.

Thank you for my dream animal encounter:

This Raven left a group of people who were feeding him, all the way down the parking lot to our truck, to hang out with ME.



Ha Ha Ha. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

THEN, his mate flew in from a tree somewhere, for a visit too!

They were both super bold, not aggressive just unbothered by our humanness. At times they was SO close to me I could have reached out and touched them. I didn’t though, out of respect for the moment. I thought the female was going to hop on my shoulder t one point, she just kept moving closer and closer! But I guess she was respecting the moment too.

We chit chatted in English and Raven for quite awhile, close to 30 mins before they fly into the trees for a snooze. Dream come true!

Thank you 2019 for the MIRENA IUD:

For all your hormone-y goodness that helps me live a normal life every month. Life changer. This seems funny to me to include on this list and hell, it may seem weird to you but when one has lived as I have lived, one is inclined to give thanks where thanks is due!

Thank you 2019 for March 18. The first day after Winter I was able to go for a walk without a jacket and be comfortable! Three more months to go ❤


Photo by Pixabay on

And libraries too ❤

I read 133 books in 2019 beating my Reading Challenge by 8 books. Woot Woot! My goal for next year shall be…hmmmm….135 bookeroos!

Last but not least:

Thanks 2019 for all the lovely humans who pass by my little corner of the Universe by way of this place on the Interwebs.

That’s YOU!

Photo by Karley Saagi on

If you’ve ever read, liked, commented or met me in real life, you’ve had a positive impact on me and I thank you! I feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by so many intelligent, kind, fun and thoughtful people and I appreciate you SO MUCH.

Here’s to a kind and compassionate 2020.

May we be peaceful, happy, well, safe and free from suffering.

Love & Squishy Hugs.

13 thoughts on “Thank You 2019!

  1. Great debrief, Lael! I’m so glad to have found you on the big wide internets this year. May the new year bring adventure and peace in equal measure (or, yaknow, whatever ratio seems appropriate for you!)

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  2. My wife had an encounter with a huge crow at Manning Park a month ago, they are smart and intimidating in size. Another commonality, I read a lot compared to most people but don’t read as much as you! I love our Penticton library and am on the library board. Since you enjoy reading I hope you consider being on the board of your local board, I am sure they would appreciate you.

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    • 🙂 There are a ton of people here all aiming to get on the library board. This is the first place I’ve ever lived where the library is actually popular. It does my heart good! One of my many plans is to take the library tech course and become qualified to earn my way in those hallowed halls.That would me a dream come true ❤ Happy reading to you! It's so awesome that you're on the board. We've got to keep these places alive and thriving.
      Oooh Manning Park. I love to hear about animal encounters. Especially crows and ravens. They amaze me with their intelligence and spirit.

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    • Oh that’s lovely!💚 I’m so glad to hear! I’ll be adding the flu shot to my routine pretty soon here too. How did you react this year? That’s the part that scares me and since I seem to have a natural immunity (99% of the time anyway,haha) I’ve never bothered with it. I’m thinking I will as I get older though!
      Thank you! I think, fingers crossed that it’s going away. Just some lingering fatigue and sore throat now.

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      • We first got the flu shot the year I retired (2014) as we were headed to NZ/Aus for 7 1/2 weeks. Did not want to get sick there. Never had a reaction any other year than this. Slight ache in my arm and a bit of an achy feeling the first night, then nothing.

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