2019’s Biggest Lesson

Remember when I went to Tanzania, started to write about it, then never finished?

Ha Ha Ha!

It’s coming. Truly.

Truly,truly, truly!

I brought something back from Tanzania that was far greater than stories and photos and I will actually share that with you today.

For real.

No kidding.

I’m not even lying.

I’m not really a goal oriented person. I’m happy to live my life, floating along this way and that. Travelling to Tanzania was the ONE thing in my life that I wanted to do.

I wanted to see the animals and the landscape. I wanted to bask in the beauty and the wonder of a place that was so different from my home. I imagined doing so would bring magic and meaning into my life and the experience was most magical. My time there was positive and special and full of meaning and emotion.

And then* poof* it was gone.

I lived every moment of that time. I was the most mindful muthafucka there ever was ! I squeezed out every last drop of experience I could. I let the whole thing sink into my very being and when I got home life was the same as it ever was.

One minute I was there, the next I was not. One minute I was surrounded by magic, the next it was like I’d never even gone. (Did I go? I mean I know I have the photos…)

After the post trip depression cleared and I got my working brain back I was struck by the greatest piece of wisdom I’ve gained this year.

I think I’d come back from a fun weekend with family. It might have been Miss. Sassafras’s dance recital, when my mum in law was in town and my family enjoyed dinner together and lots of love and laughs.

It might have been when I had my goodbye chat with Carolyn. When it became really clear that she was not going to outwit cancer, she was not going to live with it as a chronic condition. She was going to die. And she was going to die soon.

It might have even been a day when I was sitting on my porch in the sun having a chit chat with a wild crow.

I don’t know. But it came and it grabbed me and it stuck. I am ever grateful.

The Big Moments are fleeting. They do not last.

You might think they will because they GIGANTIC but they slip right through the hands. They may be grand and spectacular but in the scheme of all things, they are just small compared to this:

The seemingly small bits in the everyday that become HUGE. These are the things that add up, to make up a life. These are the things that matter. That count. These are the things that stick with you and glow far brighter than the big moments.

A smile from a loved one. Their smell, their laugh. Going out for coffee with a friend, your partner making you a cup of tea. Family dinners, neighbourhood walks. Birds chirping, the furnace roaring to life in the dead of Winter.

The small bits of the every day are the things that sustain us , without us even knowing and become what matter most in the end.

Go and do the big things

Then come home and make a good life, in all it’s perfectly ordinary, spectacular glory. Really focus on that.

Home, family and friends.

That’s where it’s at.

According to me πŸ™‚

What’s been your greatest lesson of 2019? What did your Inner Wise Owl tell you? Won’t you share?

❀ Love & Squishy Hugs.

7 thoughts on “2019’s Biggest Lesson

  1. Lael, I LOVE your post and how you had your epiphany. Do you mind if I repost on my blog? My biggest lesson of 2019 is that it is ok to take it easy. That just because I’m not being productive at a paying job doesn’t mean I’m not “worthy.” Worthy of what I’m not sure, but enjoying a simple life is enough. Thank you for posing the question!

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  2. Great post Lael. Kind of along the lines of “Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.” The big life events keep us dreaming, but the small life events add real value to our lives.

    I think the biggest lesson we learned in 2019 is that you can only be taken advantage of, if you allow it to happen. If you listen to people’s complaints and volunteer advice or solutions before they ask or even if they do not ask and you make them your project, thinking you are helping that person….if you take on the weight of their problems and lose sleep trying to solve them….if you get angry when they do not take the necessary action to avert disaster….if you listen to their rage or resentment at your assistance (meddling) and then excuse them for their actions and go back for more…then you are falling into their narcissistic trap. The moment you decide not to be goaded or persuaded to go back in for more abuse is when you become truly free. The truth is, we can not solve everyone else’s problems before we can solve our own. That was an epiphany that truly brought peace. Next year, we will have 2020 vision for sure. Smile. Allan

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    • All the yes! That’s a doozy of a lesson. That narcissitic trap is a sticky one! I’m so happy for you that your epiphany brought you peace. Hee hee, we absolutely will have 2020 vision πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing!

      And Thank you so much for your kind words and the succint way you summarised my thoughts. ❀


  3. There is no “I’ve arrived” in this life. There is only now. I frittered away too much of my life waiting for someday I’ll have it all under control. I can only control me, specifically only how I choose to respond.

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