Simple Pleasures: The Zen Of Watching Other People Cook.

Being currently currently obsessed with hiking videos, this >🐥Chick🐥< is on YouTube all.the.time. There be vlogs, gear reviews, tips and tricks of people walking long trails, preparing to walk long trails or talking about their past long trails to watch and it’s an awesome way to pass these cold days . I almost feel like I’m really out there too and it’s giving me great insight into the honest truth of what a big thru hike looks like.

But when I’m not watching people live and breathe hiking, I’m watching cooking videos!

There is something so calming about the simple act of making food.

The sounds.

The visuals.

Watching raw ingredients turn into either works of art, or bowls and plates of homey goodness.

I love to watch people cooking their traditional foods and speak a language I don’t speak too. It’s fun to try and figure out what word means what ingredient! And I think my Spanish might be improving!

Some videos have no music or talking at all.Those are nice too, like being in a library or a place of worship.

The experience of watching these videos feels safe and familiar . Restorative too. I find myself comforted in knowing that, even though the human world is fraught with chaos, there will always be someone in a kitchen, somewhere, making a meal for themselves and their loved ones. Insert happy sigh here. 🙂

Here are a few of my favourite channels:

Peaceful Cuisine.

Di mi Rancho a Tu Cocina.

And then we have the ever sensual Nigella:

And quirky Chef John!

Do you enjoy watching people cook? Do you have a favourite channel or site? Please share!

9 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures: The Zen Of Watching Other People Cook.

  1. I watched the first video. It was mesmerizing! Have you tried making it? I just wonder how it tastes. Is it a dessert? It seems like the tapioca would be chewy to call it a drink? All of the recipes look delicious, and here I am at 2:19 a.m. drooling 🙂

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    • I’ve not tried that one but I have made/purchases Bubble Tea before. It’s really good..the pearls are indeed super chewy but it’s all part of the charm. You take a slurp of drink and bloop, up comes a pearl. They are super calorie dense though, so it leaves you feeling full, like you ate a meal. I’d consider it a light snack ,lol or totally a dessert, more than anything.
      2.19am!? I hope you’re sleeping peacefully now ❤

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