Everyone Should Keep A List…(#6)

Of all the little things they love!

  1. A freshly tidied house!
  2. Rich & cheerful Autumn Leaves.
  3. Spooooky skeletons!
  4. Peaceful sleeping dogs.
  5. Funny animal videos.
  6. A good visit with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.
  7. A big mug of hot and tasty tea.
  8. Elderberry syrup.
  9. Sneak cat attacks.
  10. My monthly Universal Yums box.
  11. A big bowl of homemade Butter Paneer.
  12. Gigantic hoodies.
  13. Gigantic socks.
  14. The anticipation of the first big snow storm.
  15. All the flowers that are still hanging in there, this late in the season.
  16. The spiders as they start to make their way indoors.
  17. The smell of dirt and outside that the Hubs brings in with him when he comes home from work.
  18. A good hair and face day. (Ha!)
  19. Freshly slicked up skin.
  20. Getting lost in the strange vortex that is YouTube.

How about you? Won’t you play along too? On your blog or in the comments. What are some of the little things you’re loving lately?!

9 thoughts on “Everyone Should Keep A List…(#6)

  1. 1) Sunrise in the mountains 2) sunset over the ocean 3) time with family 4) a good sleep (so rare lately) 5) a warm fall day with crunchy leaves 6) a crisp winter day with hoar frost 7) warm apple pie 8) Hell, who am I kidding, any pie 9) a phone call from a friend 10) the smell of fresh bread Always good to find your gratitude. Hope all is well Lael. 2 days until my Levain Mother feed is done, then I will have the smell of baking bread, as well as Mother to share. Cheers. Allan

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    • Mmm,these are all just lovely ❤ I'm laughing and agreeing with #8. Get in my belly, all the pie!

      All is well. 🙂 I hope these days find you the same. You've got me drooling thinking about warm bread. I often eat the top clean off, for myself,ha.

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