Simple Pleasures- Curly Hair

I have curly hair and frankly, it can be a pain in the ass.

I had to take a photo because I’d actually managed to make it look decent!

It’s not curly enough to be well defined in any predicable manner but it’s just curly enough so that wearing it straight requires a lot of work. Oils, and creams, a special hair dryer too! Wearing it curly requires a lot of work too. The products, the plopping, the scrunching…ugh.

I’m not a high maintence person. Hell I’m barely a person! I cant be bothered to do the work. I usually manipulate it into some sort of neat (er) placement on my head and let it air dry , hoping all the while I don’t end up with what I like to call ” witch hair”

Spoiler alert, I usually have witch hair. But it’s MY witch hair and I’ve stopping hating on it. At least it’s versitile, right?!

Despite my moaning, I do LOVE curly hair. When I see it on another human I am struck by how appealing it is to the eye. And when those curls are on one of my Beloveds? Well, that is pure bliss!

There is just something about a curly haired kid ❤

I feel for him later on but still…LOOK AT THAT HAIR!!! *swoon.

What’s your hair type? Have you accepted it’s existance on your head or do you long for something else? Do you have any simple pleasures regarding hair? Mmmm….head massages….there’s a good one!

7 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures- Curly Hair

  1. I know almost exactly what you’re talking about. My hair is not bone straight, nor is it curly. It has a few waves that have a mind of their own. I strive for “Goldie Hawn hair.” Deliberately messy, but together at the same time, and beautiful. I achieve it maybe once a year, by accident. Like when a dog shares the pillow with me.

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  2. Ha! Hair. I have genetic male patter baldness, courtesy of my maternal grandmother. But, I am quite happy about t. I save a fortune on shampoo and every 2 weeks I use a razor to remove the stubble right down to the wood. In the winter this is a problem, as then my toque will not stay put. I have removed my Velcro, so the toque just keeps sliding up. I have trouble answering the hair colour question on my driver’s license. Do report it as transparent or nude? Or simply as gone. PS. My wife is jealous of my low maintenance do, but when I volunteer to give her the same style, she demurs. Happy Thanksgiving Lael. I start ,y Levain bread feed tomorrow and will let you know when I have some Mother for you. Cheers. Allan

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