Lunch @ Donna’s

Behold! The Daily Lunch Special @ Donna’s Eatery!

Cheese bun, mustard, mayo, cheese, corned beef, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, lettuce, spicy peppers, red onion!

This my friends is a Corned Beef Sandwich with all the fixins and as you can clearly see, it’s HUGE! I could only eat half of it.

It comes with a choice of soup- Chicken & Rice or Cream of Broccoli- and that’s HUGE too! It was really rich and creamy. Silky too.

I scarfed it down even though I knew I’d never be able to finish my sandwich. Really though, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my sandwich anyway.

Hubs chose their famous Clubhouse Sandwich -and fries- and he really enjoyed that too.

All sandwiches come with a large fermented pickle spear and while a wee bit pricy- our lunch cost us forty two dollars, including drinks- I think it’s good value for your dollar. Our sandwiches were made with care and attention using fresh ingredients and you certainly won’t feel hungry once you’re done!

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