Simple Pleasures: Coffee Walk

It’s a rainy day, which is a bit of a surprise because the weather seems to have calmed it shit. I’ve gotten quite used to these mild and sunny days. No more daily storms. No more strange and exciting cloud formations. Days like this bring about a whole other set of simple pleasures: Netflix. Tea. Books and blankets. I guess I’ll be enjoying a lot more of that as we fully transition out of the warm. But for now, on the warm days we do get, I’m enjoying my neighbourhood coffee walks.

I grab a latte from 7-11 (no Pumpkin Spice just yet. Their Chai is really good) and take myself on a slow wander through the neighbourhood. It’s an interesting place with tree lined streets and cute houses. It can also be a bit scary because it’s right at the edge of the inner city and has its share of social problems. I’ve lived in places like that my whole life, walking through troubled streets feels strangely homey and familiar. Plus it keeps my street skills sharp 😁 Nobody bothers me much though. It’s mostly just my anxiety, barking dogs and friendly cats.

I pass by people reading books in their yards – high five fellow bibliophiles!- and dads doing yard work. I delight in kids climbing fences and trees, testing their skills and becoming braver by the second. Sometimes I accidently catch snippets of intense conversations, like a young girl crying to her boyfriend about family pressures or the two gents sitting on their big front porch discussing philosophy accompanied by a very large bottle of vodka. 😐

When the leaves turn and fall, the fun really starts because as I walk the sun shines dappled through the trees and the ground is all crunchy. So satisfying! Sometimes the wind picks up and I’m caught a swirling leaf tornado, laughing as the wind whips up my hair and flings Goddess know what else up at me. πŸƒπŸπŸ•·πŸ¦—πŸœπŸπŸƒ

The sweet warm sips of coffee are a special pleasure reserved for these walks and it’s one of my most beloved Autumn rituals. I swear, if it could stay Autumn forever, I’d be a happy gal.

I so appreciate these simple pleasures β˜•

Do you have a favourite fall ritual?

14 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures: Coffee Walk

  1. I love the fall as well. Summer is my least favorite season. Fall is the beginning of 3 seasons of cooler, colder or spring like weather. I am hoping this fall I can restart my own walking program. I don’t do heat at all.

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  2. Fall’s my favorite time of year too, even born in autumn πŸ™‚ My fav thing to do in fall is be in it, lol – here in Central Texas it’s a rare rare treat to have much fall color. When we can, I love being in my wife’s home state of Vermont 😊

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