Monday Ramble – Weekend Recap, PCT ? Funnies.

Hello! Happy Monday!

Did you enjoy your 5th LAST weekend of Summer?

I’m already in Fall mode because it’s Fall. I don’t care what the calendar says. I think I’m going to start decorating for Halloween soon!

I hiked 10 km yesterday and on Saturday the Hubs and I celebrated our 25th wedded year with dinner out at Pampa. A Brazilian steak house. The food was good but my guts are STILL dealing with the consequences of my gluttony, ha ha!

I think I’ll eat like a vegan this week.

Lately I’ve become obsessed with the PCT- Pacific Crest Trail.

The PCT is a route from the Mexican border, through California, Oregon and Washington , all the way to the Canadian border, in Manning Park, BC.

It’s a trail that takes months to complete if a person wanted to hike it all at once.

I am one of these people! Crazy. I know.

It’s been calling to me. Every once in a while I go through these phases and then ultimately I decide – nah, that’s not for me. It’s too dangerous. Too long. I’m not skilled enough. I don’t have the guts. How am I going to sleep outside by myself? What about those passes?

And so on and so on!

But the damn thing keeps coming back! This time in the form of one lovely human – Mary Mansfield. She’s through hiking RIGHT NOW and documenting the whole thing on her YOUTUBE channel. You can find her HERE. She’s the perfect person to re introduce me to the trail because she’s cheery and positive like I can be (mostly!) , and she’s a bad ass in a quiet way that I respect and admire. It’s like through her, I can see myself there.

So…I’m thinking, instead of going to Europe for my 50th birthday: maybe I’ll hike the PCT.


I do have inflammatory arthritis so it all depends on what the bod decides. BUT I’ve started doing training walks to see how it reacts to constant miles. I’m on week two of 5 miles, 3 times a week and it’s going well! My aim is to get to 20 miles, 5 days a week comfortably in all conditions and then we’ll decide from there.

I’m excited! It’s super fun to have a goal in mind, with a laundry list of things to learn and achieve. I think it’s just the thing to get me through the Fall and Winter too. I might even appreciate the brutal Edmonton Winters because they are just the thing to use as a training tool for the High Sierras!

Ha! If only I could stop eating fries.

This made me snort laugh!
Right?! I think I’m going to leave the Kale for the nine thousand slugs in my garden. Note to self: don’t plant 6 kale plants for 2 people.

It’s a beautiful sunny day here and I’m so grateful to have it before me.

Have you ever hiked a great distance? Do you have any training advice for a newbie?

Love and squishy hugs on this glorious Monday! ❀

10 thoughts on “Monday Ramble – Weekend Recap, PCT ? Funnies.

  1. Yes, fall is here. You can feel it in the air and see it on the lawn….leaves everywhere. If it is any consolation, the leaves are already changing colour on the East Coast. Yikes, that is early. Congrats on #25. We are three weeks away from #42. The PCT sounds interesting. Have you seen the movie Wild yet? It is about one young woman’s experience on this hike. She did 1,000 miles. Have you started training with a pack yet? That is a whole other thing. After my 50 km back country hike, I have a new appreciation for taking everything with you on your travels. Cheers. Allan

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    • Wow! I do feel better. Our leaves seem to be hanging on.
      Awe thanks! Woot Woot on #42 for you two!
      I haven’t seen the movie WIld but I did read the book. I kinda figure if that woman can hike 1000 miles, then surely I can too. I got major anxiety just reading how ill prepared she was, lol
      I’ve hiked with a pack before. I’d say a medium pack…WOW, was that ever hard!
      You are so right! A loaded pack changes everything.
      Once I hit 20 miles “comfortably” I’ll start in with the pack training. My intentions are to try for ultra light which should be interesting. They say you pack according to your anxiety but I have travelled to Peru and Tanzania with hardly anything so I’m hoping I can make the same strides with a backpacking trip. Fingers crossed!
      Thanks for stopping by Allan ❀

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      • Oh, you have to watch the movie. I think she tried it with a 60 pound pack. The first time she tried to stand up, she fell over. When I planned for my 3 day hike, I was told the optimum goal was to strive for was 28 pounds. Hah! I trained wait 22-28 pounds and then did a short session at 33. My final pack weight with 2 liters of water, food for 3 days and no stove or tent (my son had that) was 36 pounds. If you have to forget anything, do not let it be the toilet paper). Sounds like a great adventure to strive for. Mine would be the Milford Trek, but I fear I have left it too late. Cheers. Allan

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      • I will then! I think it’s even on Netflix. Got my plans for tonight!
        WOW! 36lbs. To lift that once, is no big deal…to haul it around on your back is torture. I wonder at these people with a 10 lb base weight. How?! Aren’t they anxious with NOTHING? Or poor because ultra light stuff is so expensive. They do say you pack your anxieties with you..I guess my pack will be up there with Cheryl from Wild, ha ha
        Ooooh the Milford Trek is supposed to be amazing. It’s too bad it’s so far away.


  2. I would recommend reading books about the experiences of other people on these hikes. There are several of them for the AT on the east coast. I am sure there are west coast ones.

    One option that isn’t so difficult like a thru-hike – is to do the trail in stages. Do 100 miles and then stop. Learn from your first 100 miles. Pick it back up again where you stopped at a later date. Go longer or go shorter. Listen to your body.. You could spend your 50th year completing that hike. Sounds exciting.

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    • Thanks so much for your input!
      I read nothing but books on the PCT, it’s my favourite activity ❀ Well, besides thinking about doing hard things.

      If I lived in the States I would totally do a section hike. It really makes the most sense. I live in Canada and the costs would be astronomical to fly in and out. 😦


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