Matzo Ball Soup Mix Review.

You might remember, way back in Lune, that I bought myself some soup as part of my 30 day present extravaganza.

In the past I’ve bought the Matzo Ball mix but never with the soup. I like to make my soup myself. Soup from a mix didn’t seem all that appetizing.

Well, obviously I am dumb Dumb with a capital D because this mix was AMAZING. No. Seriously. Read on.

This is what it looked like:

I got the mix at Save on Foods in their World Foods section. (Don’t we live in the world too? ) Right next to the East Coast stuff ( Aren’t the Maritimes a part of this country?)

You mix up the matzo meal with two eggs, some oil and water according to these directions:

Give it a chill and roll them into balls.

You cook the balls in the soup mix until they puff up like this:

And enjoy!

The whole process couldn’t have been easier. I enjoyed them on a wet and dreary day and they were just the thing. They are economical too. This one package which cost me 6 dollaroonies or so, fed me for 3 meals.

How did they taste? Divine!

That soup mix was SO good. Perfectly seasoned without being salty. So clear and clean tasting with a very nice celery flavour. I didn’t end up using all the soup and I thought nothing of adding the remainder to my precious master stock. The matzo balls were weighty and satisfying without being too dense. They were creamy and flavourful. I do believe, this is my favourite soup of all time. It’s well worth the try.

What’s your favourite soup? Is it from a can or mix, or homemade?

11 thoughts on “Matzo Ball Soup Mix Review.

  1. We make a lot of soups, but typically in the winter months. Pasta e Fagioli is a favourite, good old hamburger soup, I make a mean Poslole, but it is more of a stew than a soup. Kinda feels like soup weather today, so likely Olive Garden Sausage and Kale soup will be the choice, as I have a lot of kale in the garden. Allan

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  2. I’ve seen this so many times and always decided against trying it. I’ll add it to my shopping list. I love tomato soup, homemade or from the can, with a grilled cheese sandwich. 🙂

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  3. Favourite soup!? That’s pretty high praise .
    I could eat soup every day. My family gathers on Sunday for soup all winter long. It’s always chicken soup, unless our cousin Nikki is there, them it’s some delightful vegetarian offering like beans and greens ( which could mean chick peas and Swiss chard – my fave- or spinach and white beans, or a host of other combos), or leek and potato. But I’d also take chowder or cabbage rolls soup, or garlic soup or French onion, or mm minestrone…

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