Monday Ramble, Mermaids, Spiders & Rad Snails.

I love me some Monday! Especially after a great weekend.

I’ve lived in Edmonton for 9 years and not once have I been to Terwilliger Park. I know right?

We went yesterday and had a time. Terwilliger Park is a multi use park with an off leash dog area and there are trails and dogs EVERYWHERE. If you don’t like dogs, don’t go to this park. For me, a dog lover extradorinare, I was in HEAVEN.

There is none of this “Oh no Fido, don’t jump up” nonsense. One minute you’re strolling down the trail and the next a very young and exicted Golden Retriever puppy is barreling into you with LOVE. I also met some sort of Poodle cross who ran straight at me for a very muddy hug/ taste and countless other less exuberant hounds, of all variety. A dog lover’s dream, come true!

There a ton of good trails to explore too, some wide and flat, some narrow and twisty. We did a lot of exploring and as usual I ended up barefoot at one point because my Birkenstocks are not so great in the mud. There are wide open fields and cozy little nooks. There spots to get down to the river- which was moving fast. Be careful!-and there is a bridge that takes you into the rest of the river valley, which we’ll be exploring soon. This is a great park and I cant wait to go back!

Check out my Instagram for flower pics!

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I don’t know who owns this image-not me- but it’s awesome! Isn’t it cute?? A wee wizard! I had a tarantula growing up. They are interesting creatures. Not scary most of the time…until they get out and then that’s another story! Can those things move!! I shiver still, at the memory…

I hope you had a great weekend! Get up to anything fun? Tell me all about it!

8 thoughts on “Monday Ramble, Mermaids, Spiders & Rad Snails.

  1. Sounds like dog heaven Lael-Heart! Boundlessly energetic! Not mad on spiders thanks – I don’t and won’t kill them. My husband comes to the rescue with glass and paper while I run away to the other side of the world while spider is relocated elsewhere –

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    • Hee Hee, I am required to be on the other side of the world when there are worms around 🙂 You’ve got great cause to be wary of spiders. You live amongst some dangerous ones, don’t you? We don’t have anything like that here.
      Thank you for not killing them ❤

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  2. What an awesome rock/fossil!!!! The park sounds so cool and I’m sure you’ll be going back now that you’ve seen it. Adore the mermaid intentions. No thanks on the tarantula. You, my dear, are a brave soul to have one as a pet. A snail popping a skateboard wheelie, now that isn’t something you see every day 🙂 Thanks for asking how the weekend was for me. My weekend was good, going on the garden tour, pain free with the broken tooth, was joy. It’s still not hurting. Dentist is still out of town but his office called me back today. Getting in on Thursday morning. My kids came over yesterday and we played a cool board game called Takenoko, which involves plots of land, irrigating the land, farmer growing bamboo, and panda eating bamboo. Am going to try to make something out of air-dry clay today for the first time in 25+ years. Should be fun. Later heading out to mow the extremely tall grass.

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    • I didnt notice the fossil until I’d washed it up. What a score!
      Ooooh, what did you make out of the clay?
      It’s such a fun thing to work with.
      That game sounds fun!
      I’m grateful your tooth is still pain free! ❤

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  3. Could be just a bit wet down in Terwillegar Park today, Lael. We have been going there for about 40 years. At the beginning, there were barely any trails and there was an open gravel pit with a pond, but it was a great place to walk a dog or cross country ski. Now, we hike down into the park from the neighbourhood above (the one with the disappearing houses) across the footbridge and then back to Wolf Willow and Patricia Ravines. A good walk, when not wet and mosquitoey. Cheers Allan

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