Everyone Should Keep A List…#5

Of all the little things they love!

  1. Being woken by a storm in the morning.
  2. When my Crow friends seek me out in the window…

3. Racing the volatile June weather. Sometimes I make it home in time…sometimes I don’t!

4. Drying all my herbs and roots!

5. Spring flowers!

6. Making friends with wild Ravens:

7. Sitting comfortably outside to read my books, watch the sky or just be.

8. When everybody gets along and the general energy amongst all is good cheer.

9. Gigantic salads for dinner. This one HERE, was particularly good. Mind you I didn’t bother with slicing the lettuce into a slab- I chopped it up because who wants to fuss eating a salad with a freaking knife and fork!?- and the recipes says peaches but if you look at the recipes their very own photo shows nectarines… I used nectarines too!

10. Dorky hats. I didn’t buy this super cool fishing hat because I have a million floppy hats but still…floppy hats are just fun!

11. Getting good mail. Packages, surprise cheques, letters or cool catalogues.

12. Feeling the very wet underside of my little dog as she jumps all over me, after she’s been outside in the rain.

13. Having an animated chat with my daughter on the phone.

14. Funny texts from my son that tell me he’s come back to me. It seems I have my boy back. Not the drug addicted human but the boy I know and love.

15. My first moto ride of the season even if it was two hours TOO long and my body hurt for days, ha ha.

16. Hoop earrings I can close with a simple and satisfying click.

17. That compact feeling you get when you’ve been consistent with your core exercises and good posture.

18. Cat frog legs and toe beans!

19. The sun shining in my eyes at 930 PM (!!!!) forcing me to put my sunglasses on to read in my house, ha ha. I adore these nights leading to to Solstice. I stay up so late because I’m just not tired at my usual time with the sun still blaring away at me. This year I’m giving myself over to it. I’m letting myself fall into step with the cycles of the earth.

20. SOLSTICE!!! 95 days of Summer( here in the Northern hemisphere. )Well, technically sure. But in actuality…after these first few days these Summer days start getting shorter and the weather starts making it’s turn toward Autumn. Enjoy the sun and the warmer days while you still can. I don’t think I’ve worn shoes in weeks, ha ha, even with the rain. Do I sound negative? Not my intention! I’m trying to remind myself of the impermanence of all things and that I need to make the most of Summer while it’s here. Maybe that will help me come Autumn. Fingers crossed!

OK, now it’s your turn. Tell me, what are some of the little things you love?

13 thoughts on “Everyone Should Keep A List…#5

  1. I won’t do a list this time. I will only say that the crows are not my friends. This morning, I was woken up by the 4:45 crow sitting above my bedroom window and chatting with his friends in a very loud voice. I hope the Merlin falcons come back soon as these are the only birds that tend to scatter the plethora of crows in this neighbourhood. I lied. I will make a list. My list will be of birds I like 1) Robins 2) Blue Jays 3) Red-winged blackbirds, 4) Chickadees 5) Bohemian Waxwings 6)Grey Jays…..Not crows. Ravens are OK. Sparrows are not my favourite either, because they eat my lettuce, except this year, as I put netting over it. Time to get my coffee transfusion to try to remove the memories of cawing from my brain. Cheers Lael. Allan

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    • Eeesh! That is TOO early! Especially right in your ear! They can be SO loud. Bring on the Merlins πŸ™‚
      I like your list! I’m with you on Sparrows. Those things are jerks! They’re in my peas AND have no problem flying straight at me like little fighter pilots. I hope the coffee helped!

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  2. I love your list. It’s so healthy and encouraging. Your flowers are gorgeous! Is that a hydrangea on the left? Great shot of the raven with the mountains behind. Is this your turf??? Mountain life has got to be the best. To look outside and see mountains… Send me some of that salad will you? I have a straw hat I wear sometimes to mow with when the sun is cooking, Texts from son has got to be the best on your list for you. Glad to hear he has turned a corner. Is that your ZZTop man behind you on MOTO picture? Those bike rides use more muscles than you think they do. Dang your cat has long hair!!!!! Is he/she a Persian? If I make a list I will make sure you know about it.

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    • Thanks!
      Those are lilacs! I have two varieties right next to one another. All gone now, but I’ve put their petals in oil for later πŸ™‚
      That is my turf! In the Rockies, about a six hour drive away from me πŸ™‚ I would LOVE to see it full time, that’s for sure. I’m doing a post about our trip for Monday. That Raven experience was dreamy.
      Haha, you got it. Salad on the way!
      That is my ZZtop man, lol. He’ll love that. Beard goals and all πŸ˜›
      Corny is a Norwegian Forest Cat! We adopted him from the shelter and had no clue what we were getting! Boy was I ever surprised when the vet told us what he was!
      I would totally enjoy a list from you!

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      • So very awesome, everything you said. Lilacs are so gorgeous they look more like a kind of hydrangea. I wonder if they did a hybrid? I know they did a hybrid of bush and tree peonies and call it ITOH (or maybe that’s a brand for them, not sure). I never thought of putting the lilac blossoms in oil! I’ll look for your Monday trip post. Norwegian Forest Cat!? I bet that critter stays warm in the winter. My kitty, M’lady Crumpet, looks like Maine Coon cat but not sure if she is or not. She’s got long hair that sheds like mad (must brush her daily, she demands it!) but nowheres near as long as Corny’s hair. Corny is a GREAT name for a cat, esp with his coloring.


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  4. What a lovely, fun list. Another blogger suggested keeping a Happiness Journal, to keep a note of these happy and joyful things, so that in sadder times we can refer back to them and remind ourselves. I had picked out a suitable pretty journal, but you’ve just reminded me to start doing this. Thank you! πŸ˜ƒπŸ’•

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