Ramble, Secret Cats, Worms, Reading & Chocolate.

Squee! I have some exciting news BUT I cant really share it just yet. So instead, I’ll use this cute meme I found to drop this weird and obscure hint and if anybody guesses well…it’s not like I told…

If it all goes well, someone I know and love is going to be growing chonky! ❤

Ha Ha!

I remember when I first started wearing glasses. I felt so self conscious. Now I’m so used to them that it’s the opposite for me : I think I look better with them ON, as opposed to off. But yes, blurry vision can have it’s perks 😛

They really don’t! Every morning after a rain, I see them on my patio or in the lawn, trapped by the rays of the blazing sun. Do they not know, the light is bad for them? Did they not learn that in worm school? Were they never taught basic survival skills by their wriggly mums? Or maybe, just maybe the worms I see on the surface are like, bad ass rebel worms. They KNOW about the light, they just don’t care…

I have giant issues with worms. I appreciate their work but they gross me out. Seeing piles of them on my yard is revolting. Even just posting that photo is giving me the squirmies. Yuck.

Of course, my yard is home to a large worm population. Of course it is! The worms in my yard are SO big they make noises when they move. *shudder.

This ^ makes me laugh like a lunatic every time I see it.

I hope you had a great weekend! I did nothing but garden really, oh and read!

I finished this:

The Huntress By Kate Quinn.

Twas a good read. Interesting and exciting , the story pulled right along. I had to set it down a few times because it was stressing me out, ha ha. But it wasn’t majorly disturbing to get through. Nothing too traumatic. It felt a little rushed at the end with some of the storylines but I appreciated how justice was served quickly. The main issue was resolved and that’s always satisfying in a book. Especially one on this subject. ( World War Two ) I had just been reading about the Night Witches so it was really cool to read a fictional account of these real life women!

I gave myself this:

I am a handmade pepper mill.

And this:

And then I had a chocolate accident, ha ha.

I used to make fun of these things because the commercials were sooooo cheesy but then one year, one of my work kids gave me a box and I tell ya … that shut me up right quick. These things are pretty damn good for mass produced chocolate ( as you can see by all the empty spaces 😛 )

All in all, it was an active, relaxing, delicious weekend.

How was yours?

6 thoughts on “Ramble, Secret Cats, Worms, Reading & Chocolate.

  1. Are you preggers??? The worms escape drowning by frying in the sun. That chocolate looks numilicious! Gardening is good for the soul. I went out back and lopped away at invasive bush-trees with thorns on their trunks and limbs, alternating with blackberry canes and pulling fallen saplings and limbs along and into the brush pile. Trimmed the three foot-tall red pines in the back, which took all of 2 minutes. Pulled a mum-lookalike weed (promised to be the greatest herb ever at the garden shop) out of the peony bed, of which there are-now-were more of the weeds than the peonies. Went out for live music Friday night. Volunteered at the cat shelter Sunday and had a line waiting for my lap after the cleaning was done. It was a good weekend. The weather rocks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my gosh, could you imagine? 46 and knocked up, aaaahhhh! No, my daughter 🙂
      Mmm, your weekend sounds amazing, busy and full of all different things! I used to volunteer at a cat shelter too. Then I became a cat shelter, ha ha, and had to tone it down.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Are you going to be a grandmother again? Exciting! I also just finished The Huntress. Your review was great, and accurate. I just read that NO earthworms are native to North America, and that they have drastically damaged and altered our ecosystem. Hard to believe. Hope you’re continuing on with magical wonders for your birthday!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You guessed it! ❤ In January.
      We're in a reading sync 🙂
      I'd heard that too about earthworms. So strange to know that. Maybe that explains my revulsion.
      I sure am thank you! Treats and drinks and a trip soon 🙂


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