Crafts, Racing, Dessert, Gardening and Memes.

Happy Monday!

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I’m excited for today! It seems like it’s been AGES since I wrote up a Monday post. Plus, I just adore Mondays.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to?

Mine started on Friday when I took the “day off” and did my very own thing. I went to the Spring Craft Sale at the Butterdome.

WOW, what an event! There were so many quality artisans selling their wares and I bought some nice things for Lune- I’ll showcase them as I open them soon – I had a great time, chatting with the vendors and popping in and out of the stalls, in awe of all the talent in this world.

On Saturday, I puttered around the house and spent the afternoon watching The Kentucky Derby,

THAT was a whole THING! What an ending…yikes! The Hubs and I went out for dessert and spent the night watching Netflix.

And then on Sunday, I enjoyed a lazy morning , drinking coffee and playing online Mahjong, and spent the afternoon, weeding, interspersed with a grandbaby visit! ❤ I saw two worms *shudder AND my asparagus is poking up! Woot Woot! I thought it’d never grow. It had me worried…
but worry no more!

Today, I’ll be out weeding again and I can’t wait! A day spent outside just feels so good. Like a day fully lived.

Here are our Monday Memes:

I’m a little late with this one but still…it has me laughing like a lunatic!


This one appeals to the introvert in me :


And lastly, some silly fun!

I’m looking forward to the rest of the week. I’ve got an event to attend with friends and our weather is supposed to start warming up too. Maybe I’ll see my own worker bees 🙂

I hope your Monday is just the ginchiest! ❤

15 thoughts on “Crafts, Racing, Dessert, Gardening and Memes.

  1. The Butterdome sounds like an Xtreme house of pancakes, but it looks like your very own Etsy. HIlarious cartoons. Asparagus growing is a cause for celebration, congratulations! What did you have for dessert? I love playing Mahjong also. It’s so soothing! I got outside also this weekend. The peony are coming up very nicely. One of the fancy lily bulbs I planted in the fall is poking out of the dirt. Three wheelbarrows of branches and twigs from the yard were picked up and wheeled to the brushpile. Creeping Charley from somewhere is starting to move in on the edges of the lawn. One set of birds is moving into one of the bird feeders. The goldfinch are back 🙂 I hung laundry on the line, yeah! Took some prints to Hobby Lobby to get frames. Finished a book (Austin Kleon’s latest) and started a new one (Stieg Larsson series.)

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    • That’s a great way to put it-my very own Etsy! 🙂
      Ummmm, a sour cherry tart, and a mille something vanilla. Hubs had carrot cake which I should have had because mine was only meh. Booo!
      Mahjong IS soothing. The click clack of the tiles…the intense concentration…happy sigh.
      My peonies are up too! What colour are yours? I moved mine and they didn’t flower so I forget. Hopefully, they flower this year! Oooooh I love lilies! ❤ You were busy in the garden, wow! We have Creeping Charlie too. I like it. Sure its a pain but it's prettier than grass. My flowers are purple and it looks nice in amongst all the green. High five on the birds and laundry on the line! I always get excited about that! You were busy and even had time to read, impressive!

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