X is for *Xoompin. A-Z Challenge.

Along a narrow, winding road that passes through blueberry farms, small homesteads and a rambleshackle trailer with the nasty words, misspelled of course -Turbin Twister- spray painted across the door, lies a bridge. The bridge passes over a wee creek that my daughter almost drowned in when she was two years old and in her “sneaking out” stage. The bridge and road and racism and farms and cows and fields are hemmed in on all sides by mountains. The road is the road to Grandma’s house and the bridge is the lift off to the Whoopty Doo!

We pass the Hatzic Prairie store and the kids start chanting ” Speed up! Speed Up! Speed UP!”

On good days, the Hubs does just that. On bad ones he grumbles something about the undercarriage and there are disappointed groans all around.

But today is a good day and so he floors it as the road leads us up over the bridge and then suddenly drops away leaving us flying over the dip! We land on the Whoopty Doo, a section of road that undulates and takes us for a bumpy ride for a few seconds before flattening out again into a wicked hairpin curve! What we are is a xoompin. Driving over bumps in the road. We’re left gleeful and laughing with squishy sensations in our tummies and hearts.

It’s a family tradition. Even now, with the kids grown, we all eagerly anticipate the bumpy ride. šŸ™‚

This word and thinking about that road reminds me of my son’s favourite song as a toddler, in his words “The Bumpy Road” In reality it’s:

So many memories, so much silly fun!

Do you have a favourite bumpy road you xoompin over?

7 thoughts on “X is for *Xoompin. A-Z Challenge.

  1. Oh my, you got me going deep down memory lane! When I was a kid, we would often drive down to this lakeside town about five hours away. There was a stretch of especially bumpy riding – Dad named it the BTR Road (Bumper Testing Road). šŸ˜€ It was such a silly thing; we would tell complete strangers not to go down BTR. šŸ˜€

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