S Is For *Sweatpants. A-Z Challenge.

” I am not going into Autumn this year without a pair of f*cking sweatpants!” are words I actually yelled not so long ago.


I have no idea. Well, I mean I know why I want sweatpants. I don’t know why I was so fired up about the whole thing.

I tend to do that.

Obviously I was seeking comfort. ANd now that I think about it…I haven’t had a pair of sweatpants since 2010.

That IS a good reason to get all fired up!

I love sweatpants! Why am I denying myself so?!

It’s just not right.

The last pair of sweats I owned were pants of mystical proprortions.

I bought them in a crappy Zellers during a big scary move in the middle of a menstration emergency.

They were cheap.

They were in the men’s section.

They were huge.

They were soft and fuzzy.

They were an ugly shade of brown.

I was a desperate, bloodied woman.

They would do.

Those vile pants ended up being a the BEST PAIR OF PANTS I’d ever owned.

I am not kidding. I don’t know it was my mental state at the time or if someone put a magic spell of love, peace and comfort on them but those pants were like one giant security blanket in my life.

They were always soft. They didn’t rub or pull or tug or ride up anywhere. They kept me warm. They were strong and lasted for eight years with heavy use. I was very sad when I had to throw them out, a victim of a snagging accident in an inconvenient location.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as comfortable since.

So the quest is on! I shall find my next favourite pants. I shall wear them. I shall be cozy!

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing? Tell me about it!

19 thoughts on “S Is For *Sweatpants. A-Z Challenge.

  1. Cheers to sweatpants! ❀
    I have a pair of shorts I have owned for at least a decade. It doesn't fit as well as it used to; the colours are faded. But I refuse to ditch it. It is the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe πŸ˜€

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  2. I love your story of The Magic Sweatpants. I have a pair of White Stag black pullup pants, cotton, boot-cut, that I absolutely adore. Got them at a thrift shop so many moons ago. I used to wear them whenever and wherever. The back seam is loosening so I only wear them around the house now, but they are the most comfy pants I have ever had.

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  3. My best sweatpants were left at my house by a boyfriend. Maybe the key is to buy from the men’s section. Do they make them softer, better fitting or more comfortable for men? I know things from the men’s department are often cheaper and made better. I’m going to look into it!

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  4. Sweatpants rock! You shall find a fabulous one, Lael! Please do let me know when you do!

    I have a favorite pair of red shorts that I bought super-cheap–on a whim. I was roadside shopping–you know stuff off the streets. It never ran color and still looks as good as new. And fits. It is 20 years old. I like to think I’ll have it for as long as I live. He he

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  5. You know, ‘as I get older’ I hang on to bits of clothing more and more! I have a summery top from Chanel (is that the name? Canadian store) that I bought when was I think about 18…I’m 40 now. It reminds me of home, of simpler times, yes it’s comfortable and still looks good (it so old, it’s come back in fashion!), but it’s the nostalgia that stops me from throwing it out.

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    • No no no, it’s called ‘Le Chateau’! It came to me while I was on my walk with the dog…I knew it was French…but just to clarify, I do not own a 22 year old Chanel top, as in Coco! 🀣

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      • Ha Ha! Walks have a way of bringing stuff up! I remember Le Chateau, that’s where all the “mods” shopped when I was a teen! My husband -a total headbanger- and his friend used to go there and be silly, rating shoes and such like dorks. If your Le Chateau shirt is still wearable, can you imagine a Chanel one? Swoon! I am a Coco fan ❀ In fact, that is also the name of my second favourite perfume πŸ™‚

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