Q is for *Queen. A-Z Challenge.

When I was going through a very bad thing a few years ago, it became very apparent to me and ALL OTHERS that I really needed to do some work on my self worth. Realizing I had it, cultivating more of it, and nurturing it every day, forever more.

People tried to explain it to me and for lots of reasons I just couldn’t get it. It wasn’t sinking in. The problem I believe is that I was looking at it from a logical view point and logic while nice, is not my usual go to method of existing in the world. I need magic and whimsy. I need metaphors and stories. I need imagery and symbolism.

So I struggled and struggled but I kept on trying. In my trying I had many conversations with the people in my life about the subject and one of them was life changing.

“It’s like this” my supervisor said to me. This supervisor being a very strong, confident person of imposing bearing ” I know that no matter what’s happening, I AM the BOSS.” Stretching her bulk up straighter and throwing her shoulders back she continued ” I am the Queen!” She laughed, tossing her hair back as she strutted around the room. ” And I treat myself as such! Always. Without exception. I also don’t allow others to treat me badly because I know that I.Am.The.Boss in my life”

This woman really identified with being a boss. So much so that she went a little overboard and could be extremely overbearing. But there was wisdom in her words. I would never be comfortable with calling myself “boss” even though that’s an apt description but queen…queen was something I could definitely use!

And use it I did. It took awhile and there were many more conversations about self worth and self love, many more discoveries, lessons and realizations but I finally GOT IT and now the word Queen has great meaning to me. It spawned the huge realization in me that I really do LOVE MYSELF. I really do TRUST MYSELF.

I am a dignified Queen. That became my core mantra and soothing balm for all things. I bought myself a crown ring …

See the source image

and charm for my bracelet..

See the source image

so I would never forget.

There’s a tattoo in the works to literally drill it into me, ha ha.

I have to tell you, the day my husband bought me this:

I felt like the lesson I learned and the progress I’d made was visible to others too. Yahoo!

Self love/worth is an on going thing. It’s the continuing relationship between you and you. It’s your most important relationship and I’m so grateful for the lessons I learned, even if they did come late, because…wow, I feel so much lighter in this world and very queenly 😉

Do you have a word that signifies your own self worth? Please share! And if you’re struggling please know that you really are a person of worth, no matter what, simply by being alive! ❤

17 thoughts on “Q is for *Queen. A-Z Challenge.

  1. I am glad you discovered your word – and I love the reminders of that (including the tattoo – which I am usually not a fan of). It is important to know your own worth – and discovering that is sometimes hard. I figured out my own worth when I took care of my mom in the last 8 years of her life. I was her caregiver, her friend, her voice … and when it came to the really really tough parts in her last years … I became her warrior! Warrior became my word – and it best describes the person I didn’t know – until my back was against the wall.

    Good post.

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  2. Excellent story Lael. It is like the announcement on an airplane about oxygen masks. You need to love yourself before you can love others. As to your boss, while it is good to be self assured, that self assurance should not diminish another’s self worth. I had many bosses like that who used to try to push me around. They all ended up getting pushed around by their bosses and then pushed out the door. Happy Easter. Allan

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    • Thanks Allan 🙂 And Happy Easter to you too.

      You’re so right!

      And I love what you said about self assurance not diminishing another’s self worth. Such an important lesson and standard to uphold, in all our relationships.

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  3. Wow! This is exactly what I have been working on for the last few months! Before that, I didn’t even consider myself worthy enough of having any self-worth! (Does that make sense?) If someone praised me or gave me a complement, I used to think they are either infatuated with me or they have some personal agenda. (I know!) Now gradually learning to see myself the way others do! 🙂
    P.S.- I love that crown ring! I am going to look for something like that in my local shops!
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