M is for *Melatonin For S.A.D. A-Z Challenge.

Have any of you read the Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson? There’s Netflix series of the same name…???

In the book, a group of people hole up in a haunted house and aim to do an investigation of sorts and all kinds of weird shit goes down. The brilliance of the story is that one never really knows if the hauntings of place and people are true hauntings or the results of a mental disorder. It’s creepy, thought provoking stuff.

When I read it I was shook! It reminded me of something that happens to ME, every Autumn.

DO I live in a Haunted House…..???? !!!

Ha. I wish I was so lucky!


As the Summer light fades to a brilliant Fall, a change comes over me. I know its coming and try my best to stop it but somehow how it always gets me! S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder, known usually as Seasonal Depression.

Even with the typical treatment you hear about, light therapy, vitamins, diet and exercise, cognitive therapy…I turn from my normal cheery, positive self to a hate filled monster. The physical symptoms are bad enough, aches and pains. Low energy. Sleep issues. What bothers me the most is the change to ME. I fixate on people and things in a hateful way. I decide that they are JUST THE WORST and spend all of September and October despising everything and everyone, until I pop up again for air in mid November and realize I’ve been overtaken again.

It all feels so normal when I’m in it. I really believe the things I’m thinking are true and valid. Thank Goddess for self control and clarity. And to all of you suffering with a year long depression disorder. High Five for making it through the everyday.

BUT when I came up for air this past November, I found something very helpful. I don’t even remember where I heard about it … Micro dosing with melatonin. One takes a wee amount, in the late afternoon, like 1mg and carries on like usual. It doesn’t make you sleepy but it does help with
circadian misalignment which is a major part of SAD.

I haven’t tried it through the worst of my seasonal depression but I did notice a positive change when I did in November. I felt better over all, both physically and mentally. I felt lighter and brighter and the usual “last hurrah” of illness that strikes me in February, didn’t make an appearance. That’s pretty amazing since I’ve been dealing with this since I was a child. The true test will be this Autumn and I am ever hopeful! I’m going to take when I notice Summer fade to Fall in addition to all my other treatments. Check back with me here, around mid November for an update!

Now, I’m a nut. Not a doctor. So PLEASE, if you suffer so and think this all sounds very interesting do your own research. Here is a link to get you started.

Untreated S.A.D can turn into something a lot more invasive so I urge you to seek help from your doctor too.

Do any of you suffer with S.A.D in the Winter? What have you found helpful?

21 thoughts on “M is for *Melatonin For S.A.D. A-Z Challenge.

  1. I have never had the same problem that you described, but I do find December difficult, because I lost both parents in that month. I wonder if I used a little bit of Melatonin if that would help. I have it in the house for sleep but rarely use it. Interesting post.

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    • Those anniversaries are tough. Much love to you ❤

      It probably wouldn't hurt to try. Something else I've found helpful is non flushing Niacin. (Vitamin B3) That and just being kind to myself and allowing whatever comes to just be ❤


    • Thank you. It really is awful, isnt it?
      Depression is a rat bastard. My husband suffers the same way you do. I always feel like it’s bad enough to have to endure the hell of it all, but then to have to deal with all the stigma and misinformation out there…ugh!
      ❤ to you!

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  2. I believe melatonin is also good for sleeping as well as for jet lag. I haven’t heard of it being good for SAD and glad to hear it worked for you during your recent winter months. No, I don’t get SAD; it’s too sunny here in SA – at least up on the highveld –

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    • It is! I haven’t tried it for jet lag but love it for sleeping. Especially in the summer when it’s light until 11pm, ha ha. I covet your longer winter days! I’m so far North that even though we get a lot of sun, it’s for such a short period of time, and its usually way too cold to go outside anyway. Booo! I stare out the window and whine most of the time ;p

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  3. I can see where Melatonin would be good for SAD. One I use just generally for mood when I start to get nerved up is St. John’s Wort. I hadn’t thought of it for SAD but may try it this fall-winter with the 10,000 lux light. The only side effect they warn with SJW is photosensitivity, but in the fall-winter there is little sun so it shouldn’t be a problem here. Thanks for the suggestion, Lael!

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    • You’re very welcome!
      I’ve heard that about the SJW just recently. We have a lot of sun but it’s minus 900C most days so I’m never outside. I’d love one of those lights that simulates sunrise though. Do you live in the North or is it your weather pattern that takes away your sun?
      I’d totally forgotten about St. John’s Wort! I even have a bottle in the cupboard now. How does it work for you?

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  4. I will try to remember melatonin around February, that’s when it hits me hard. I don’t actually mind autumn because our summers are getting hotter and hotter, so its actually a relief when it starts cooling down. February however… I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you, and fingers crossed for you this September!

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    • Awe thanks!
      I love Autumn when it’s sunny and warmish but it never lasts long. By the end of October, we’re snowed in and freezing cold. I’m happy yours is so much nicer! Here’s to a better February for you!


  5. S.A.D. is very real and painful. I know a couple of people who experience this and well, their families do their best to ease how they feel, but it is tough on everyone. Melatonin is interesting. Hugs! I really hope it helps you when October comes around. It’s good to know it’s working, Lael!

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  6. Hey Lael, Good information in your post. I never about depression, anxiety, OCD and other forms but SAD was really a new one.. sad one indeed! I will try that link you have provided and see where I stand. Interesting yet scary!

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