J is for *Joypop. A-Z Challenge.

There are a lot of interesting “J” words. So many ones to choose from. Journal. Jocoseness. JUSTICE. That’s a good one. Everyone loves justice.

Then there’s Joypop!

Joypop sounds so ā€¦ cheery, doesn’t it? So cute. So tame.


Imagine my surprise to read this:

: to use habit-forming drugs occasionally or irregularly without becoming addicted

Not so cute now, ha!

And it’s not some new thing, brought into being by KIDS THESE DAYS, “joypop” has been around since 1953.


Dr. Gabor Mate does say lots of people use drugs and don’t become addicted…

Clearly, they are joypopping.


What do you think about all of that?

17 thoughts on “J is for *Joypop. A-Z Challenge.

  1. I’ve heard of JPop but not JoyPop. I’m not one to condone mind-altering substances and there’s always the possibility that the next high will be the one that hooks a person. That said, to each their own.

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    • Right?! That’s how I feel too. My son struggles with addiction so I have some pretty strong feelings about the subject. I feel like one never know which “pop” is going to be the bad one.
      Better to err on the side of caution.

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