H is for * Handsome. A-Z Challenge.

As in the Handsomest Prince!

This is Cornelius.

He is the Original Handsomest Prince. He’s 14 years old, HUGE and he’s also a bit of a dick. As all cats are. No surprise there. He’s afraid of ALL THE THINGS except my grandchildren which is most strange but much appreciated and respected. He still plays like a kitten and can be found yowling every morning at 4am and sleeping all day on my bed upon which he leaves a layer of orange fur that makes me sneeze. Yes I could close my bedroom door but then he wouldn’t be able to lay in the sun and then what kind of cat mum would I be?!

This is Mooshum. The second Handsomest Prince.

He too is 14 years old, acts like a puppy and is exceptional with the grandkids. He’s also very naughty and does a bad thing every day but he’s endlessly amusing and has the biggest, sweetest heart so I don’t mind!

We’ve had Corny since he was a kitten. He was the runt of the litter and now he’s 24 lbs! Solid muscle that cat. He’s my second long lived cat and I hope we get a few more good years out of him. He shows no signs of aging!

We’ve had Mooshy for 4 years, adopting him as a senior dog from SCARS. He was a community dog who someone loved very, very much. It shows in his behavior and in the way he was given up. ( The other dogs were beating him up and his owners were afraid he was going to be killed, so he was taken in by a rescue group doing spays and neuters for a second chance at life. Don’t feel too sad for him. He’s a bit of a dick in that his mouth writes cheques his ass can’t cash! ) He transitioned from being free range to being a house dog in no time and it’s an honor to be his last home. Mooshum is definitely old in body but not in spirit. I hope he lives forever but since I cant have that, I hope he lives well until the end, then dies quick, in his sleep.

Do you have a Handsome Prince in your life? Do tell!

22 thoughts on “H is for * Handsome. A-Z Challenge.

  1. So, yes. I have several princes and one princesses in my life. We actually use the terms King and Queen. Ha! My cat, Wallace, is the King in my house, and my grand dogs, Ragnar (thinks he is King but he isn’t, Olivia who is Queen and Milo, who is actually King. Ha! More on them in a later-in-the-month posts.

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