C Is For *Camping. A-Z Challenge.

I bought this mug the other day and its sitting on my kitchen shelf, calling to me. ” Fill me with booze”

I’m a teetotaller for most of the year but when camping season comes around, I spend my weekends sitting sideways in a plastic Adirondack chair, having a little drinkie poo out of a coffee mug.

I guess its a good thing, I can only camp and sit outside comfortably for a few months out of the year! I do other things whilst camping too though!

What other things? I like to go for early morning hikes in my nightie, leggings and hoody.

I like to take naps. I like to eat ALL THE THINGS. My favourite thing being, fajitas cooked over the fire.

^Not fajitas but still good! Yes, that’s one meal. For me. One person. Camping requires great sustenance.

I like to walk through the campground and snoop on my neighbours. I play Spot the Airstream and dream of the day when one is MINE, ALL MINE!

I like to drag my Hubs on hikes and walk through mud puddles in my bare feet because I only ever hike in flip flops while camping.

We both like to ride our bikes like hooligans through the trails and pretend we’re hardcore mountain bikers. Hey! We’ve got mud on our bikes, true story.

I like to take photos of EVERYTHING.

I like waking up to absolute silence as the morning light shines into the trailer feeling so grateful to be wherever I am.

I like sitting on a bench watching the water if I’m near a lake and hoping that a bear or a wolf saunters down for a drink. It hasn’t happened yet but it will. I’m sure of it πŸ™‚

I like to listen as the birds start their song and the campers wake up to start their fires and brew their coffee and fry their bacon.

I love planning out our recipes, and scrolling Pinterest for new tips and tricks.

I love all the new dogs I meet and the kids that race around like maniacs. FREEDOM!

My first camping trip was with a friend as a child. I was so grateful to be invited (camping was not done in my family) and that one experience set off a hunger and appreciation inside me that has never left.

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

Besides that pivitol first trip- where I roamed like a wild child for three days- my most memorable trips have both been in Tofino,BC.

On the first, I was sleeping on the beach and a cougar woke me up for a staring contest in the night. *shiver!

On the second one we were visited by Ravens who left their footprints all over our mist dampened towels and a Bear, stroked my head with it’s body as it walked past my tent.

How lucky am I? I’ve experienced the coolest things! ❀

My worst trip was the night it rained dumpsters as opposed to buckets and I forgot 1. the frying pan. 2. the tarps.

Did I tell you it was during the middle of a thunder storm and the kids and I were trapped in the tent while the Hubs (who is not a fan to begin with) went to purchase said forgotten items? The lightening would snap and crackle and boom away above us while my 3 year old whispered “I’m scared”.

Photo by Fancycrave.com on Pexels.com

It was wet and damp the WHOLE time ( we were at Golden Ears Park in Maple Ridge, BC amongst the tall shady trees ) and my daughter peed her bed, soaking it further the very next night. Abort. Abort. Abort!

Nowadays, we’re in a trailer (so much better. I don’t care what anyone says. It IS SO real camping) and the comfort level is much higher. I spend most of my time out by the fire anyway.

I could and do spend hours just sitting there, thinking and drinking. Talking and laughing. Staring at the fire. I love chopping wood and slicing kindling. I love experimenting with different fire methods and keeping my survival skills sharp. My Hubs and I even “fight” over who gets to make the fire, we love it that much. Ha Ha!

I had big plans to restore the Hoopty- our 1983 Vanguard- but now I think we’re going to sell the crapper to our son in law and buy something a little newer and start fresh. Or maybe the camping Goddess will gift me with a decent Airstream to focus on…only time will tell. In the meantime you will always find me wandering the woods or cradling a naughty coffee cup in my chair πŸ™‚

Do you like camping? What was your most memorable- good or bad- camping trip?!

23 thoughts on “C Is For *Camping. A-Z Challenge.

  1. Camping – I am with you – use a camper, not a tent.

    My son enjoys camper camping, but his camper is semi permanent in a camp ground. He got a new camper in 2017 – very big and modern. I visited it last year. Pretty sweet. I blogged about it and you might enjoy seeing the pictures (inside and out).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Campers just make the whole experience that much better.
      Ooooh your son’s set up sounds so nice. I’ve love a lot like that. One day..
      I’ll have to check our your posts, thanks!


  2. Camping was fun as a couple and for a while with young kids. But it got to be too much of a chore with diaper changes and wet sleeping bags and eventually, we reduced the frequency. Do love the cool calm mornings building a fire for coffee and breakfast (hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Danish canned bacon frying over a smoky campfire) though. I will get to experience that again in July, when I hike the Citadel Pass by sunshine and do 3 nights of back country camping. It will be good, but not sure I do ground any more. Allan

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    • It really does become something of chore with the work kids bring.
      OK, now I need me some Danish canned bacon. That sounds delicious! I’ve never heard of such a thing.
      I;m so happy for your upcoming trip! I’ve always wanted to do that but don’t have a reliable/interested/not creepy hiking partner.
      I’m 45 and found the ground to be HARD,lol, the last time I had to sleep on it. If I ever do a back country trip I’m buying the BEST pad on the market, no matter the cost.


  3. I’m a typical introvert writer always sitting in my den and going out on adventures only in my head, so as you might guess, I’m not a fan of camping. The last time I camped was – I think – when I was 20 or 21, back in Poland at the lakeside with my friends. It was a pleasant experience, but nothing that made me fall in love with camping. (And I don’t like bugs and I’m a lure for all the mosquitoes in my vicinity, so it doesn’t help.)
    But I did enjoy reading about your adventures and I love the pictures! (Cougar? Yikes!)

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  4. I love Camping! It’s gets you a step closer to Nature!
    And oh my you have had a quite an adventure camping, cougar, a bear and lightening!
    I remember my first ever camping trip. It was my first trip without my parents and as a child I was hyped!!
    I love clicking pictures too while camping! And jumping in the mud ponds reminded of the mud-football match we played in my first camping trip. Never had i ever been so drenched in mud!!
    Super fun, though!
    Dropping in, do check out mine πŸ™‚

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  5. Wow what a great story (stories) about camping. I am a city girl and do not like to sleep outside and be away from a bed for very long. I like walking and hiking in nature and enjoy its beauty but to get back home at the end of the day.

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