Death Cleaning-Altars & Knick Knack Niches.

This task was easier than I thought. Perhaps my previous clean up successes paved the way for positivity. I reeeeeally thought this job would be harder because I loooove my little keepsakes! ‘Twas super simple and satisfying though, woot, woot!

The before:

Bedside altar, phone “booth” luck and prosperity niche and glass case ‘o crap…

The after:

I was pretty ruthless. I only kept the things I really love and am enjoying now. Having said that, out of these items I have FAVOURITE favourites too.

The little owl my son made me, my Dalai Lama photo and my rocks.

Wow, hey? That surprised me. Something tells me I’ll be doing this whole process again and again and again.

And I think that’s just it. Death cleaning doesn’t have to be one big purge in your late 60s. You can do it, again and again as you move toward death. It’s not really any different than the developmental stages of aging where one sheds their inner nonsense as they grow older and wiser…one can shed their outer nonsense too!

I’ve cleaned three areas thus far and am finding the process to be a good one. I’m impatient to get on with it, because there are other things I can be doing and learning from but I keep telling myself that this is important too. I don’t want my kids or husband to have to deal with piles of stuff when I die. That’s not fair to them. So onward I march! Err…clean.

Up next in our series, my art room. A hot mess of another kind. This one is giving me heart palpitations…

6 thoughts on “Death Cleaning-Altars & Knick Knack Niches.

  1. “Outer nonsense” — I like that term. Now, if only marketing would stop getting people to buy into it. “Death cleaning” is also a term I’m unfamiliar with but that makes sense. Too often people accumulate so much, too much, then leave it all behind for someone else to clear out. So thoughtful of you to care enough to do the job now. 🙂 And I bet you feel freer and lighter for it as well.

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    • We need to steel our brains against those marketing people 🙂 I’m trying! But they still get me. There’s a book called The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning that explores the whole idea. I dropped the Swedish part because I live in Canada, ha ha and because it’s become a sort of trendy thing. As a death doula in training I’m trying it out to see what kind of program I can offer clients. It’s been interesting! I do feel freer and lighter. It’s always a good thing no matter where one is in life. And hey I die tomorrow ….I’m sure my daughter would appreciate my efforts too. This place…I tell ya!

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  2. I scrolled back a few posts just to see what other stuff you blog about. Yikes. Death Cleaning. I did a post on that as well!!! For the A-2-Z Challenge. Great fun. I had never heard of it, and I have read a lot about decluttering and minimizing.

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