What Does It Feel Like To Die?

Do you ever think about what it feels like to die?

I sure do.

I’m not talking about what it will feel like if say, I’m hit by a car or if I develop cancer and have pain from that as it kills me.

I’m talking about what will it feel like in the moments when my lungs stop taking in air and my heart stops beating, in any circumstance. What will that all feel like? Physically, mentally and emotionally.

Will I know I’m dying? Will I care? Will I be anxious? Will I fight against it or will I go with it? Will I be happy, angry, sad or glad?

I know from near death experiences I’ve had that if death arises near me suddenly, I will most likely be in the moment, as it is. There won’t be time or care to think or be fearful. There is only time to observe it as it unfolds.

The scary stuff, or the funny stuff comes later. If you get a later! It seems like in that circumstance, death just is.

If I’m lying on my deathbed, elderly or ill or just living my life and I die in my sleep or throughout the course of unconsciousness will I even know it’s happening?

I’m just so curious about it all! Do any of you have yourself a wonder too? It’s OK to talk about it. In fact, it’s beneficial to talk about it. Good practice for when it’s our turn.

I read a really good article about one person’s experience in dying that really moved me. I sat there weeping with … joy and comfort as I took in her personal account.

Her name is Christen O’Brien and here is her story: What It Felt Like To Almost Die.

Have a read and let me know what you think! I found it beautiful, encouraging and oh so comforting. I hope you do too. ❤

3 thoughts on “What Does It Feel Like To Die?

  1. AMAZING article! Such a good thing to hear: to drop the stuff that isn’t helpful and stops us from living fully, consciously and mindfully – its a very good message. And to not fear death. It’s a part of life. Love carries on, it never dies.
    Thank you for sharing it.

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