Monday Ramble-Hexes, Eating, Cats.

Happy Monday! I just adore Mondays. A new day, a fresh start, alone time after being with the Hubs all weekend. Mondays are the day we step into the unknown again. I love that.

On a blog I follow I read about a journal jar. This is a jar into which you place a weekly summary, written on an index card, of your week. How cool is that?! I usually forget my life past June by the time a new year comes around, so I’m thinking I’ll do this! I keep a journal but its filled with feeeeelings and emoootions, not the day to day stuff. The day to day stuff is important too. That’s where life really happens!

These are the things making me laugh these days:

Ha Ha Ha! This cartoon makes me think about my son in law. He’s been teasing me about my natural Yule decorations so I’ve been giving him the gears. I’ve told him I’m a WITCH and I’ve put a HEX on him. Nothing major, just a series of small minor inconveniences would befall him until I took it off. We all laughed and it was silly and fun. I teased him again on his birthday and told him I’d take the hex off, as my gift to him. More laughs, more silliness. Until the other day when I “threatened” him with another hex and he freaked out and begged me not to. It seems he really did have a series of minor inconveniences and he seriously, truly, actually, believed it was my pretend hex that did it. I told him that stuff doesn’t ACTUALLY work but he insisted and now I HAVE THE POWER! Muhaahaahaa! Silly boy.

Are you sick of diet culture yet? It’s been nothing but endless talk about weight loss , “keto diet ” and “clean eating” in my world. Ugh! I had chocolate banana bread for breakfast this morning and I feel fine.

As someone who’s 1. human 2. imperfect. 3. not very mindful 4. sometimes has the dumb, I really appreciate this sentiment! I just have bad luck when I think. That works for me!

I’ve noticed life and interacting with the humans is becoming increasingly difficult since quitting my job. All those weird little quirks I’ve kept tucked away are making an appearance again. It’s like my brain doesn’t switch from private Lael to public Lael, fast enough. Like its forgotten how! It makes for some funny interactions! Maybe I should get out more, keep my humaning skills sharp, ha.

How are your people skills? Do you need human interaction to keep them sharp or are you naturally gifted?

May your week bring you nothing but joy!

Love and squishy hugs.

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