Monday Meme-Dec 10, 2018

Credit? IDK. If you know, please share.


I love Ikea, I really do. Half my house is furnished by them. This meme is just too funny. 

Have you ever put together any Ikea stuff? I usually “let” the husband do that BUT last year I bought myself a trestle table with a glass top for my art room and I totes put that thing together all by myself. I aced it too. It wasn’t even all that hard. I felt so proud. 

Speaking of trees … if you celebrate the season with a tree, is it up yet?

I have a fake, white one. Its wee and convenient but kind of soulless – not to mention the opposite of environmentally friendly-  so this year I’m getting a real one.

I knew the Hubs wouldn’t be too keen on this so I broke it to him this way “Honey, I have some bad news for you.” says I, in a grave and somber tone. “Uh oh ” says he, with a worried look on his face, surely thinking the worst. ” I really want a real tree this year ” His facial expressions declare a strange mix of pain AND relief. ” Ugh! They make so much mess!” I smile and agree sympathetically ” I know! It’s going to OK ” 

And that was the end of that! The next thing I know he’s talking about buying a tree stand. Finally, after 26 years of togetherness, I’ve figured out an appropriate way to approach him about things. Go me!

What a lesson you’ve learned that was a long time coming?

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