Hospitality Galore

As the lone guest at Korona House Bed and Breakfast, I was treated most kindly with great care.

“What time would you like breakfast?” Oh don’t you worry about me! I’ll figure it out on my own. I can’t guarantee I’ll be awake for breakfast.

Well, that just wouldn’t do. They WOULD worry about me and I was to be up and ready to eat for 9am. I tried, oh how I tried to get them to leave me be but as I’d soon come to realize, my loosie goosy, relaxed introverted, independent ways were NO MATCH for their hospitality.

At 9 am I was greeted promptly and escorted to the breakfast room where I was introduced quietly and formally to everything and had my coffee freshly made in a French press.



So I sat. And I ate. And I took photos on my phone because those potatoes? Most delicious!


I don’t know what the chef did with them but wow were they ever good! I thanked him when he came in to check on me (every human there came in to check on me at one point. The service was most personal) and am kicking myself for not asking him for the recipe. As far as I can tell, they were potatoes in coconut oil-maybe-with bits of crispy red onion and carrots. Nothing fancy it would seem but incredible all the same. I’ll try to recreate them and share the end results at some point!

After breakfast (and much chit-chat with various staff) I was escorted back to the lobby. The introvert in me cringed at this-did they think I’d get lost along the driveway beside the house?-but in time I came to see it as plain old, old-fashioned service. I expressed interest in some of the plants and birds and was promptly given the names of everything and had my gaze directed to the many lemon and coffee trees that lined the property. Have you ever smelled a lemon leaf? Divine. I really appreciated that every single human being there, cared enough to make sure my stay was comfortable and safe. They really went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

Still exhausted from travel, I went and had a bit of a rest in my room and then before I knew it, it was time for lunch! (I swear, all I did was eat my way through this country!)

The escort process was repeated but this time I was seated under an umbrella in the courtyard, allll byyyy myseeeelf!


Where I was served the daily special:


To start this Avocado Salad. Isn’t this a thing of beauty? I’ll be trying to recreate this one too!

And then:



That’s chicken stew in the top-complete in a clay pot-and coconut rice with kale and raw carrots in a tangy dressing with coconut. Very filling and very fresh.

For dessert:


Fruit salad!

I have never eaten as many fruits and vegetables as I have in Tanzania. Meat is really just an accessory. I felt so light and healthy! Not only was the food great here but I really feel like my meals went a long way to help me recover from the airplane food. I am eternally grateful.

I had another conversation with a staff member-who all told me their names,I just suck and didn’t retain them in my tired state- before making my way up to the front verandah. There was a church across the road and wow were they having a time! I don’t know if they had loudspeakers or what but the WHOLE neighbourhood could hear the service. It was lovely. I really enjoyed the singing. The staff apologized for it but it didn’t bother me one bit. I hope if anyone else experiences the same thing, they realize it for the gift that it was and enjoy it too.

Just one of many songs! The service went on for hours and seemed to be mostly singing.

I sat up there til sunset-after a short afternoon nap-and enjoyed every minute of writing in my journal and watching the world go by. I didn’t even eat dinner-much to the horror of my hosts-because I was just too full from lunch. When the bugs started to bite I went in to my room and settled under the mosquito netting, excited about what was to come.


Tired, content and ready for my next adventure!


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