September Book Brag *8

Happy October! Can you believe it? Three more months left in the year. I read something about the “C” word the other day and scoffed. Then I started counting and well would you look at that! It really is time to start thinking about the holidays!

I don’t have that many books to brag about for September. Sure I suppose I could have brought books with me on my trip, or you know, read the books I downloaded but…meh… I was either way too tired or way too busy. It was all I could do to record the day in my journal never mind read.

I did managed to read eight books in September which is really nothing short of a miracle.



The Measure of My Powers was gooood! Not what I expected at all and well written. Its a memoir and I found it honest and empowering. Not to mention interesting and delicious. By Jackie Kai Ellis

The Happiness Curve was my least favourite of the four. I think its written for a very specific audience-even though the subject matter affects everyone, I would think- I think the subject matter is interesting but I wasn’t interested by the writing style.

Indian Horse. This is my friend’s book and I’ve been putting it off because generally this subject makes me white hot with rage. My family history has been affected by residential schools and I need to be in the right frame of mind to read about such things. Why I chose this book as my first one after my trip I’ll never know-the Malarone made me do it?- but I did and you wasn’t bad at all! It was a really special read. Heart wrenching to be sure but not graphic and just so beautifully written. I think, like so many others do that this book needs to be required reading in schools. AND if you get a chance to, watch the movie by the same name. It was directed by Clint Eastwood. Usually I’m a “read the book first’ kind of person but it was either wait nine years or see the movie with my book club, so I went. The book is always better then the movie but watching the movie first adds something positive to the experience because it takes away the disappointment of that truth. ANYway, good book. Go read it.

The Year Of Less was pretty good. The author challenges herself to buy nothing but the necessities over the course of a year while exploring addiction and healthy living in ALL avenues of life. It did inspire me a bit to try the same although I’m not sure I’m as motivated as the author was. A quick read.



The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney was a highly interesting and complex read. Lots of characters, lots of story lines, , lots of emotions and issues and goings on. Very unique.

Everyday Super Food was beautiful to look at but…it annoyed me with its pretension. Which is saying something because Ive never found Jamie Oliver to be pretentious before. I don’t know,  the recipes were fussy and over involved using ingredients in combinations I just couldn’t see and wasn’t inspired by. At the end of the book there was a whole section on healthy living that felt intrusive and annoying. Like what credentials do you have Sir, to include such things?! Maybe I’m just in a mood but I was disappointed and annoyed by this one.

Very Fond of Food by Sophie Dahl on the other hand was great! I too, am very fond of food! The recipes were good and things I think I’d eat and feel bothered to make. The stories accompanying the recipes were funny and heartfelt, interesting too. Worth my time. I even save a few recipes to try.

The Green Witch was alright. A victim of my expectations perhaps. Vague and wishy washy at times with nothing to hate and nothing to love. Were I not hoping to have books to brag about I probably would have set it gently aside, unfinished. Ha ha.

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