Books, Books, Books! August 15.

Not too shabby! 15 books this month.


My favourite of the first five was a tie between Addict in the House and Well, That Escalated Quickly.

The two books couldn’t be any different from each other and yet they brought me equally as much delight.-Is delight an appropriate word when dealing with two tough subjects? Sure it is!-  I found “Addict” to be clear, concise and very helpful without being pandering. I also found it honest and straight forward which is such a relief when one is dealing with addiction, as the very nature or addiction is lying and deceiving!

As for “Escalated” I found it to be funny and well written. Very informative and written in such a way that I was educated and not shamed. It left me feeling smarter and empowered to go and be better. Oh my heart!

Torn and Leave were both meh for me. Not horrible just…not for me. I’m not sure if it was content, writing style, my mood…the phases of the moon…I just couldn’t get into them.

Girl in the Woods had me feeling SO many things and it was engaging and pulled me right along. It wins the vote for most interesting and thought-provoking!


Green WItch and Most Wanted are my least favourite out of this batch. The characters in Most Wanted annoyed the life out of me, douche husband, childish wife. It didn’t seem very believable to me and was pretty predictable in the end. Green Witch was…I don’t know…bland for me. It tried not to be, it really did! I just found it to be a pretty basic book. I was really disappointed by this because I LOVE Alice Hoffman.

Israel Eats didn’t meet all the hype but it wasn’t horrible. Nice stories, beautiful photographs, interesting recipes. Start Where You Are took me forever to read and was tough to get through. I think it’s just that the topics were over my head frankly, so I struggled a bit to get it read. But there is valuable information within its pages and it is worthy of respect.

“50 Percent” is a local book. Local to this province. For that reason alone, its my favourite out of this batch. It was interesting and funny and touching in the end.



Dietland was AMAZING! Brilliant, stunning, smart, fierce and oh so familiar to me as a human female. It’s not about diets per se (and OMG on Goodreads the amount of hate towards Plum when she stops dieting is sickening) its more about…never mind. Read it for yourself! I don’t want to ruin in for ya!

Feeding my Mother was OK. I love Jann Arden and have enjoyed her writing on her Facebook page. Its her personal experience living and taking care of her mother as she endures Alzheimer’s disease. Not a horrible read.

Along the Infinite Sea, was lent to me by a friend. I have mixed feelings about this one. One the one hand it was engaging and pulled me right along. One the other hand it was not at all believable and so bloody pat. Ugh.

The Prison Book Club is what we are reading for my non prison book club this month and I am in love with this book! It’s so well written and the author winds and weaves so many different tales effortlessly throughout. All without shying away from the hard truths and yet still writing with deep respect, compassion and care for the inmates she met. I wanna start a Prison Book Club!

“Badass” was pretty good. I started out with mixed feelings about it but quickly warmed up once I got off of my high horse and actually started reading and absorbing what I was reading. There is solid stuff within these pages and it was worth the read.

What did you read in August?



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