F*ck Up Friday- Say No To Drugs, Kids.

Happy Friday Everyone!


Welcome to Fuck Up Friday! The day where I share some horribly embarrassing mistake and encourage you to share yours, all in the name of togetherness!

Somehow though, I made it through the week unscathed! This doesn’t happen often, believe me. But when it does you can be sure someone, somewhere is picking up the slack.

My neighbour for instance.

At first my husband and I thought there had been a body found in the back alley. The 5-0 were crawling all over the neighbourhood in many different forms. Vans, trucks, unmarked SUVs, marked cruisers…the works! Two of them had parked themselves at the foot of our driveway as well as the next door neighbour’s but my many trips to take out the garbage, walk the dogs, check out the garden yielded no usable information and I couldn’t even make out what their focus of interest was.

Until my eagle eye husband saw one of their tactical units in a far neighbours yard.


Determined this time to finally satisfy my snoopy mind, I went out back again with a box I dug out of the closet to set out as recycling, ha ha ha,  and spotted a kid standing out back. Aha!

With zero shame I asked her ” Hey, do you know what happened there?” and hit the jackpot!

This kid just blabs it all out. My hero!

She tells me she lives in the basement suite and the entire house was taken over by cops, via battering ram and tear gas at 3am, looking for drugs. According to this kid, she knows nothing, it’s the upstairs neighbour – who doesn’t even really live there. It’s a whole weird thing -who’s involved. They are currently hiding in the attic but don’t worry, nobody is in danger because there are so many cops and dude will be hauled out soon.

Okie dokie. Thanks for the info. That was too easy!

Drugs. I am not surprised.

Later, I’m standing in the window, eating my toast and sure enough, the 5-0 haul out some guy, make him stand in the backyard, handcuffed while they do…police things I guess, for probably thirty minutes. Finally, three marked cars pull up, the dude is placed in one of them and then they leave him there for another long ass time. The guy is YOUNG, twenties probably and I cant help but think about how his mother is going to feel when she finds out.

I know someone who was in the exact same scenario and yeah…mother’s of kids who do such things usually feel really, really bad about it. So do mother’s of kids with drug addictions. That would be me. I’m grateful the police are taking action, for my own reasons and feel sad for the other Mum. Parenting is hard, no matter what end you’re on.

The dude finally gets taken away, with a three car escort and life goes back to normal in my neighbourhood. What a thing to wake up to, hey? On the fuck up scale, operating in the drug trade is most definitely up there. You know, for those of us who don’t already intuit this.

So my day is set! I’m already off to a good start and I didn’t even have to do anything. How about you? What were your mistakes like this week?


2 thoughts on “F*ck Up Friday- Say No To Drugs, Kids.

  1. If only those who turn their ingenuity to crime would turn it towards solving some of the world’s problems, humanity would be better off. But, they insist on trying to make easy money off the backs of others. I am sure some other feckless pusher will ensure they get their fix, while they serve their jail time. This week was great. No F Ups for me…………yet. Cheers. Allan

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