F*ck Up Friday: Uno, Dos, Tres.

Oh what a week!

Welcome to Fuck Up Friday! The day where I encourage everyone to share a mistake or two in the interest of togetherness and…healing? Yeah. Healing! You are not alone! Everybody messes up. It’s all OK!

How have ya been? Are you unscathed or have you spend some time wishing the floor would open up and swallow you?

I’ve had two minor mishaps and one that brought out a full on cringe.

  1. I forgot about my twenty-four year wedding anniversary until Facebook memories reminded me…AFTER my husband had left for work. We are pretty low-key about stuff like this but I still felt bad. My big plan/recovery was to take him out for ice cream that evening. (We’d already bought each other gifts) His big plan was to bring me home roses and take me out for dinner. It worked out in the end BUT I was horrified that I’d forgotten. What if I hadn’t gone on Facebook that day? I fear I would not have remembered on my own!
  2.  I forgot to take my first dose of a vaccine even though I spent time reading how to prepare said dose from a sheet of paper that clearly states the day I’m supposed to take the vaccine on. Brain? Brain? Where’d ya go?
  3. I met a really nice lady at the bus stop who I recognized but couldn’t place entirely. I expressed surprised that she lived near me and asked her where…only to realize…she was my neighbour. So now I have to move. It’s the only solution to that problem. Ha! I played it off like I was just teasing, being silly and we had a really nice conversation. She was friendly, warm and gracious. I don’t think I did any permanent damage. Why brain? Whyyyyyy?! Its done this to me before too. I seem to have problems placing people when I meet them outside of where I normally would. Isn’t that a mental condition? I think I read that somewhere. Later that morning, I met up with the nurse version of myself, awkward, sweet and silly. I felt nothing but affection for her and so I surmised that maybe my neighbour felt that way about me too. She was certainly lovely when we left one another, touching my arm to say goodbye. One can hope!

Your turn! What mistakes have you made this week? Big, small: I want to hear them all!

3 thoughts on “F*ck Up Friday: Uno, Dos, Tres.

  1. #1 problem of the past and present continues to be offering unsolicited help and advice to my grown children. It happened again this past weekend. I just need to shut up and wait for them to solicit any input. Do not make any comments, suggestions, helpful hints that may help them to an easier path. Remember,”Don’t put your hand on this stove, it is hot.” Well you know they just gotta test it out. So be it. As the Orange Buffoon would say…….SAD!

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  2. It is the right thing to do, but not the proper thing to do. We are learning and perhaps one day again, they will ask for advice on life matters, just as we ask them for help and advice with tech and social media. In the meantime, Mum’s the word.

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