Everyone Should Keep A List…

of all the little things they love.

I read this once, in a book written by a women living with ALS (Until I Say Goodbye. My Year of Living With Joy. Susan Spencer-Wendel ) And you know, I agree. I think a list like this can help you sort of fine tune your interests and show you what makes you, YOU. I think a list like this can help foster gratitude and appreciation for your blessings and privilege. I think a list like this can help filter out the wheat from the chaff in a world obsessed with things that don’t really matter in the long run. And I think a list like this can help you when you have a sad. Big or small.

I bring you part one of mine. and I want to see yours. Won’t you play too?

Part One-Little Things I Love.

  1. Every dog that lives or ever has.
  2. Ditto cats.
  3. Ditto any pet.
  4. Ditto any animal. Even the yucky ones like slugs and worms.
  5. Maps.
  6. Trees.
  7. Rocks.
  8. Wood.
  9. People who bring me rocks and wood.
  10. The colour blue.
  11. Peaches and nectarines.
  12. Cherries.
  13. Penticton, BC.
  14. Tilley Hats.
  15. Travelling.
  16. Old photos.
  17. Music.
  18. Water to drink and play in.
  19. Good memories.
  20. Waterproof jackets.
  21. Warm and gentle rain.
  22. Homegrown fruit and veggies.
  23. A well stock fridge, freezer and pantry.
  24. Grandchildren.
  25. Love and affection.

Now its your turn. Create your own list. Either share it on your own blog (and if we’re not connected yet , comment and share the link) or share the whole thing here, in the comments! I want to know what you love!



4 thoughts on “Everyone Should Keep A List…

  1. My favourite list
    1. My beloved
    2. My sons
    3. Photography
    4. Travel
    5. Walks in the rain
    6. Warm breezy fall days
    7. Cool crisp winter days
    8. Sunrises
    9. Sunsets
    10. Starry skies
    11. Northern Lights
    12. Good wine
    13. Good friends
    14. Good wine with good friends
    15. Mountains
    16. Birds
    17. Flowers
    18. Trees
    19. Great coffee
    20. Any pie that ends in “pie”
    21. travelling
    22. Hiking
    23. Cycling
    24. Sitting on the back deck surrounded by nature
    25. A good sleep, which I never get.

    Sounds like a Thanksgiving list.


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