52 Days Left

Happy August!

I find myself in a bit of a panic today. We have 52 days of Summer left! August being our last full month. Eeek!!

I feel like I haven’t exactly been lazy…but I have sure been acting like Summer is never going to end! How about you?

I just know, come Winter I shall be kicking myself for all the time I’ve spent indoors instead of making the most out of these glorious months. With that in mind and as an excuse to write another list, I bring you:

How to honour Summer. Lael style.

  1. Eat meals outdoors.
  2. Bike rides.
  3. Go to the beach.
  4. Feed the chickadees.
  5. Collect rocks.
  6. Paint rocks and hide them for people to find in unexpected places.
  7. Read books lazily outside.
  8. Take photos of all the things!
  9. Weenie roasts.
  10. S’mores roasts.
  11. Watch the sunrise and sunset.
  12. Go for hikes.
  13. Grab a cool drink, sit where people gather and just watch the world go by.
  14. Enjoy a daily walk in new neighbourhoods.
  15. Have a few road trip adventures.
  16. Meals out with friends.
  17. Slurpees!!
  18. Ice cream!
  19. Lay out and watch the clouds float by.
  20. Lay out and watch the stars-The Perseid Meteor shower starts soon!
  21. Visit parks in other cities.
  22. Have picnics.
  23.  Preserve,freeze and create with the bounty of Summer fruits and vegetables.
  24. Wander up and down the “cool” areas of town.
  25. Take photos of EVERYTHING!
  26.  Visit gardens
  27. Blow bubbles
  28. Make lemonade
  29. Spend time barefoot.
  30. Play in the rain
  31. Go into the woods, sit really still and just watch.
  32. Make friends with all the neighbourhood animals.

Special thanks to my friends, Chantel and Carolyn for the inspiration!

How do you honour and enjoy Summer?

6 thoughts on “52 Days Left

  1. Strange as it may seem, eating fresh produce out of my garden, corn on the cob from the store, eating ice cream in as many styles and as many times as I can, snapping sunrise photos, bird photos, flower photos, canola photos, you get the idea.

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