F*ck Up Friday- Art

It’s been a while since I’ve made a major faux pas. My streak of good luck is over though, and now I have to leave the internet.

A lady I am friendly with, posted two paintings on a social media site, saying she wasn’t able to paint as good as this certain artist but she’d had a lot of fun trying to. I wasn’t aware of this particular artist but thought she’d made a good try and wanted to celebrate that. So in that spirit I commented.

Both pieces looked so simple and amateurish, so naturally I thought both pieces were her own attempts.

Ha Ha Ha!

That is where it all went horribly wrong. The piece I complimented as being “especially nice” not done by her at all but by the very artist she was trying to emulate. She’d put them both up side by side to compare and I had no clue, lol.

The lady set me straight, kindly, but still. I feel like a fool and now I have to delete ALL my accounts and leave the internet!


If you need me, I’ll be under this rock over here.

All silliness aside, I am human. I can only operate my life with the information that I have. After the initial horror of my mistake wore off, I was able to laugh about my gaff and be kind to myself too. This isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever done, nobody died, my intentions were good and I’ve learned, yet again, that I won’t die from embarrassment. Even if it feels like it. Another thing, talking about mistakes makes me see them as they really are and takes away a lot of the cringe factor. So thanks for listening!

How has your week been? Have any embarrassing moments?

Love Bomb

I like Valentine’s Day as much as the next cynical person. I will bitch and moan about how it’s a made up BS “holiday” all the while happily going out for heart shaped pizza with my love.

One thing I am rather rabid about though, is self love.

I like to use this day to check in on myself and my progress, in what is my most important relationship. Me + Me.

The relationship I have with myself is evolving and improving every day. I didn’t always have the best love for me and some days I’m better at it than others but I’ve learned to never give up on myself. I hope this reminder post to myself and the memes and quotes I’m going to spam you with, encourages the same, in you.

Love and Squishy Hugs.

Aging Boy Milk

Boy 30529 by Felix Weinberg was a quick, concise read about the author’s experience before, during and after the Holocaust. I enjoyed reading it. This is a book that feels more like it was written for his family than a wider audience and there is a real different feel here, because of that.

Aging for Beginners by Ezra Bayda is a victim of my expectations. I was anticipating this would be a book about aging. It was … kind of. The author talks about things that happen as we age but the topics were not unlike things that happen as we live! Anxiety, depression, pain, etc. and so to me, if felt like reading over the same old ground. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good read. I bookmarked several pages with interesting quotes or valuable information. I was expecting something a little more specific and that is a ME problem 🙂

Milkman by Anna Burns pissed me off. 1. It betrayed me by starting out strong and interesting if not unusual and unique in style and structure. I thought I had a good one here but as the pages went on and the characters were introduced I lost all train of thought and found myself unable to follow the story. I completely lost interest in the end. 2. This was a Hits to Go! book at my library. I went to another library after choosing this book and found another Hits to Go! book and tried to take it out only to learn, one may only have one Hits to Go! book at a time. I wasted my weekly Hits to Go! quota on a disappointing book. Boooo! Anyway, this book gets mixed reviews all over the place. Some people love it, some people hate it. I don’t have such strong feelings either way. It was just hard for me to read and did not hold my interest after awhile. Too much work for this old brain! 😉

These three books mark six books read in February. I’m off to a slow start this month, it seems. BUT I’ve read twenty-five of my 2019 goal of one hundred and twenty-five so I still feel pretty good about that.

How is your reading going this month? Join me on Goodreads!

Makeshift Meals-Brussel Sprouts Hash & Eggs.

I had some Brussel sprouts left over from Yule (gasp!) and as I’m the only one in this house who likes the yummy little cabbage brains,I knew I could eat them however I liked!

Soooooo. I roasted them up with some wee potatoes (also left over from Yule) and seasoned them simply with salt and pepper.

Or maybe just salt…I don’t see any pepper? Do you?!

I couldn’t stop myself from picking at them just the way they were but that does not a meal make.

Channeling my inner brunch lover, I promptly fried two eggs and plopped them on top:

And enjoyed the hell out of the whole mess! It was amazingly satisfying. I will definitely be adding this one to the menu when I open my hip new diner in … never.

You should try it too!

Makeshift meal? Will you marry me? ❤

Conservation Walk & Crater Hike

A treed mountain, a rolling hill, a stark plain, a country road. All of these things draw me consistently toward them. “I wonder what’s over there?” is the question in my head. And yet I so rarely get the chance to fulfill the urge to go see. Life, fences, distance, husbands all seem to get in the way of my wandering curiosity. But not this time!

I’m with my travel ladies, we are in Tanzania and we’re going to go see what’s over there. We’re hiking across the Embulmbul Depression in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Woot Woot!

The day starts with breakfast and then our main bags are loaded into a truck to be transported to our next campsite, where we will be sleeping with an armed guard because of WILD BITEY ANIMALS!

Our ranger says its mostly the buffalo we have to worry about but death by buffalo seems somehow nicer then death by leopard, hyena or lion.

We hiked for four hours with-gazelles, zebra, jackals, cattle, goats, birds and much more. It was amazing to me to out there, with the animals in that vast land.

We were exhausted by the time we were done but felt accomplished by our feat.

See that mountain in the distance? We hiked from that!

Grace met us at the road and we drove for a but until we came to the rim of the Empakaai crater and our home for the night!

We inhaled our lunch of salad-cuke,tomato and avocado-, chicken stew, zucchini soup, and slices of white bread. Yum! We had a short rest and then it was down,down,down into the crater.

Have you ever smelled leopard shit? Ha, I know what a question. I have! And our ranger and warriors got these funny looks on their faces all the while telling is everything was “fine” Uh huh. Which one is it boys?

The hike down was over a very narrow trail laden with roots and rocks. The jungle is quick to take over here.

We made it to the bottom and tried- unsuccessfully- to sneak up on a flock of flamingos! Luckily some of us got some photos as they flew off.

On our way back up we spotted a neat cat in a tree. Nobody got a photo – it was shy and scared- and it was hard to see but it had a strange flat round head and big eyes.

This was also where I got bit by a damn tsetse fly. Assholes. The lot of them!

There was some concern that we were going to be in the crater at dark. Two of us ladies struggled with the altitude. This is a problem because a. its against the law. All tourists must be out of the conservation areas by 6pm. b. the wild animals that come out in the dark. It was the latter that really motivated the slowest of our group and we were up and out of the crater in an hour instead of two, ha ha ha.

We ended up back at camp, STARVING but lucky for us, our chef made us FRENCH FRIES! Salty, yummy goodness. We also had a spicy tomato salad, chicken, soup and vegetables. We Hoovered it all up and ended up shaky and sore at the camp fire for the rest of the night. I don’t think any of us slept well that night. We were too sore and too hydrated. I must have peed 5 damn times in the night! I think it was the altitude.

Campfire of Lies

Our ranger was supposed to stay up all night by the fire and “guard” us. But every time one of us ventured out, he was nowhere to be found. The fire was dead and cold, with not a soul in sight.

I suspect our ranger was sleeping in the truck, ha. It was freaking cold at night! I don’t blame him. I think the rangers are just there as a precaution. I can’t be sure but I highly doubt much happens. It doesn’t make sense that the government would offer such a thing to tourists if it was reeeeeally that dangerous. I don’t think we were ever in any danger. A pack of hyenas ran past our tents and ignored us completely. Hyenas! Those guys are assholes.

Some of our group were really concerned though but most of us felt safe. It was scary the first time getting up to go pee, but after that I was fine. I knew to shine my light into the night and watch for reflecting eyes. And I felt quite kick ass and brave to be walking around, by myself at night, in the Tanzanian wild. 🙂 ❤

Untethered Monkeys

And The Monkey Learned Nothing by Tom Lutz is a quick little read, full of travel vignettes. Each story is highly different from the last and not at all typical. A lot of these tales really stuck with me, and got me thinking. I felt a whole range of emotions and books that do that to me get a high five 🙂 A good read.

I read Untethered by Julie Lawson Timmer in a day. I can’t say I loved it but I kept reading to find out what the heck happened in the end, so there’s that! The characters were unlikable in my eyes but the story carried me along and I really like what the author was trying to convey. I really liked that a horrible practice was brought to light. The ending was brief and a little too pat. That’s always so disappointing. But I’ll survive, I’m sure 🙂 Not a horrible read.

Three books down in February, no idea how many more to go! I’m craving something that makes me love it. Something that I’m eager and excited to read. Will have to check my holds list and see what I can stir up!

Happy Reading!

Simple Pleasure- Roast Beef Sandwich

I first came to love a simple roast beef sandwich, 26 years ago whilst standing in the kitchen with future mother in law.

I’d had them before, but usually always with deli meat, never an actual piece of roasted meat. This just screamed comfort to me. Hominess. I was a girl who craved such things even as a young 19 year old.

I can remember Mum apologizing for serving me leftovers – I think I was over for lunch that day-and I thought she was so cute. Leftovers! Like having REAL left over roast beef in sandwiches was a bad thing. I don’t think there was ever a day in my own family where we’d ever had such a thing. Her left overs were my luxury!

We ate happily together and that sandwich has stayed with me ever since. It was so simple yet so good. Quality ingredients put together well.

In the years since, I’ve fine tuned my version of the sandwiches we ate that day. My meat is barely cooked – hers was WELL, well done- I add salt and pepper and slather on way more butter than Mum ever would. Sometimes, my meat is spiced, sometimes its plain. But its always basically the same- meat, white bread, and butter. Yum!

Butter something white and yeasty
Pile on the meat!

Season with salt and pepper
Add some sides and enjoy!

What’s your favourite way to enjoy a roast beef sandwich?