A-Z Challenge – DOGS

I did not know that somewhere along the line, I would switch from liking dogs but being more of a cat person to becoming a total dog person.

(With great apologies to every cat I’ve ever known)

Now, I like ALL animals. But there is just something about dogs that appeal to me more and more as I grow older. They DO stuff for you. They serve a purpose. They alert you to things and if you’re lucky, they protect you.

*Special shout out and to all attack cats who do this very thing. If we could breed cats for protection, I’d be all over that!

The older I get, the more I appreciate that. I don’t want to become one of those seniors you read about in the news; alone, vulnerable and murdered in their own homes by a desperate, drugged out person. That scares me! And yet here I am, getting older by the second, living in a city where that sort of thing happens more than it ever should! It makes one think about these things…

I know having a dog doesn’t guarantee such an horrid fate wont befall me but let me tell you this : I have never felt so safe or tough as when I owned my Rotti X!

Beans was bombproof around everyday people, friends, family and other animals. She was FIERCE and protective without fail when my life was in danger, twice.

AND, people’s prejudices towards her breed kept the garden variety criminals out of my yard and away from me before they even thought to try something. Most of her work was done from afar, with a single glance based simply on her appearance.

So now, instead of phasing out my pets and maybe getting a cat when I hit those super vulnerable years…I think I’m going to get a dog instead!

A-Z Challenge : CUPCAKES

When my friend Carolyn and I bought a pack of cupcakes at a local bakery here in Edmonton, I didn’t know just how special those fun sized, tasty, cheerful little things would become to me.

At the time my friend was not quite a year into life with metastatic breast cancer. She’d given up sugar as a tool to help her live longer but for this special occasion – she’d driven by herself from Washington to Edmonton to visit me- Carolyn was going to enjoy herself a treat!

And enjoy them we did. They were rich and creamy, well made and delicious. I wished my friend could have more than just one but I was still glad we got to enjoy a treat together. We loved our sweets!

Six years later, Carolyn was dead. The cancer spreading to her bones and turning her into -in her words- “cancer soup”.

The first thing I felt compelled to do was bake her some cupcakes.

The urge came out of nowhere and it was strong. I felt almost manic as I quickly gathered up the ingredients from the dusty corners of my kitchen and set to work.

I wanted my friend to have her cupcakes, damnit! I wanted her to enjoy the sugar and enjoy the fats and enjoy the fun. I wanted her to be able to eat just one more. I hoped that wherever she was, she could eat as many cupcakes as she wanted. And if she couldn’t…well then I’d eat them here on Earth in her honour.

And that’s what I’ve been doing. Cupcakes, have become a thing. I think of her every time I see one. My Hubs buys them for me in memory of our friendship. You can be sure I’m going to make them again every year in her memory too!

It’s silly and fun and beautiful and highly personal. I did not know that a simple treat would become such an important factor in my life.

A-Z Challenge: BRAGGING

Awhile ago there was a TV commercial for a popular chain coffee shop here in my country. It yammers on about who the company is there for including ” The group of retirees who sit and brag about their grandkids”

The first time we heard this, my Hubs whips his head over to me and laughs with a very pointed look on his face.

“What!? I’m not a retiree and I don’t brag!”

He scoffed at me ” You do SO brag!” and he starts imitating me , high voice and everything ” Oh! He’s so smart and he’s so cute!” I interrupt this nonsense with my own scoff ” Well he is! That’s a plain old fact! How is that bragging? I’m just sharing my delight with people. That’s NOT bragging!”

“Honey” my man says with a smirk I still want to wipe off his face “that’s bragging”

So there you have it. APPARENTLY, I’m a braggart. Who knew?

For the record I dispute this. Bragging by definition is ” excessively proud and boastful talk about one’s achievements or possessions” I didn’t create my grandbabies. I don’t own them. They are amazing beings all on their own.

Why wouldn’t a person be proud of their grandkid’s good qualities? Isn’t that kind of the point!?

If you have Grands, please keep “bragging” about them. I’m certainly not going to stop talking about mine! ❤

A – Z Challenge – Addiction

I did not know how predominately addiction would figure in my life! As a parent, I did all things I thought I was supposed to do to prevent it and it still slipped in.

That was a shock, let me tell you. As it entered my family, it opened up a whole other world. Suddenly, addiction was right in my face and I learned just how rampant it is in our society.

It’s estimated in Canada that 6 million people will experience addiction at one point or another in their lifetime. That’s near 21 % of the population!

Yikes. It’s thought that every single person knows someone who has struggled or is struggling with an addiction, at any given time.

My family situation is now stable and I’m cautiously optimistic but, two other family members are struggling and 3 of my friend’s kids are too. That’s 5, in my circle. 5!

This all sounds so dire, doesn’t it? Believe me, it felt that way.

Yet it wasn’t entirely bad.

A beautiful show of love and support came out of my experience.

People I knew, people I thought I knew, people I didn’t know, came to me with their stories, love, advice and assistance.

In time, the fierce and freely given love I received exceeded the pain I felt.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still mad about it, ha ha. I’m still wary. Yet there is goodness there.

Which is something else I did not know.

Best of March 2020

Oh March. Get out of here!

Still I thank you for so many things. Like:

The best read:

Dinner. A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach

This was the first book I read out of my seven “books to get me through the apocalypse” stash and it was great! Recipes and relatable stories. Wisdom…juicy tidbits. A good read.

Speaking of stashes. Grandchild number two likes to stash food in in his pjs! In the Best Laugh category I bring you:

Toddler cookie stash!

Best visitor:

My first spider friend!! It was a little skittish of me, the weirdo with the camera- so my shot isn’t that good but still…LOOK! A cute little spider! The first one of Spring. (written while under a snowfall warning, heh)

Nicest Treat:

Our grocery store bakery was handing out treats, no charge, to people as they shopped. How lovely is that?! Hubs and I enjoyed a Turtle Brownie and a Chocolate Peanut Butter one. Yum. Made my day!

Best People:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Most everyone! I have witnessed the best of humanity these days. Over and over again. From perfect strangers, to close friends and better still , people I thought didn’t care one wit. It has blown me away. Who would have thought living through a bloody pandemic would restore my faith in us humans? Go Us!

I’m excited for April. One month closer to warmer weather. One month closer to the end of this latest batch of global suffering. One month closer to…who knows how many good things! ❤

What are some of your bests this month?

Tomorrow is the start of Blogging through A-Z Challenge. I’m looking forward to life being swept up in all the fun!

Love and distant squishy hugs!

Monday Ramble-Tigers, Friends, That Bloody Virus, Comfort & Hope.

Oh Monday! I like Mondays every week but this one is especially welcome for I’ve been trying to race away from Friday as fast as I can. I got the worst news- which I’m unable to even process never mind share- and each day that takes me away from Friday is a slightly better one indeed.

I’m also still a little stunned by something I spent hours binge watching on Netflix:

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. This was my face when the whole thing was done – 😳😧😳 – I want to say watch it but I also want to say don’t watch it. It was …. yeah. It was. An important note about one of the folks in the show. Saff was mis gendered as She. Saff goes by He. So please keep that in mind, if you do end up watching. It took my mind off my bad news but left me with a whole new sense of horror and the need for a long, hot shower.

I’ve got five library books left! Eeek! I don’t know how long our library will be closed so they are like precious jewels. Most books are anyway.

Ha Ha!
Don’t fall for this one!
Indeed! COOTIES!

I don’t know who this belongs t0 -if you do, please educate me- I find it oddly comforting:

I’m losing and finding all sorts of things these days…

Something else that brings me comfort is this: Every day as the chaos of the world rages on, the sun still rises. The birds still sing. The clouds still move across the sky. Someday soon the snow will EFF OFF, the trees will bud, the bees will buzz and all will be well once again.

What are you feeling hopeful about?

March 2020 Sh*t List

If there ever was a month for a shit list, it’s been this one. As of yesterday, my province has had 67 new cases of COVID 19, bringing our total to 486. Country wide, we’re at 4043 at the time of this writing, and 500,000 + the world over. These are just confirmed cases too. We’re not testing everyone so the real numbers are much, much higher. AND the horrifying thing is that its still early days for my country. We haven’t even seen the half of it.

Even with current events, my list is still pretty short. Actually scratch that, ha! In the writing of said list, I seem to have gone off a bit. Prepare yourself! Venting is a great stress relief and it seems I be stressin 😆

Happy Friday! And Happy Shit-Listing!

1. All circumstances that have led to a world wide pandemic.

2. My bread machine for living 11+ years and then choosing to die now.

3. The Epcor guy who left my latched gate completely wide open. Fucker.

4. People hoarding food and other supplies to sell at jacked up prices.

5. The grocery stores who allowed this ^to go on for WEEKS before doing anything about it and then had the nerve, the NERVE to blame ordinary shoppers for panic buying. Fuck you.

6. Anybody who is not taking this virus seriously and mocks those who are.

7. People who are scamming the government out of relief money. You will get caught, and I will laugh with joy and glee when you do.

8. A certain president of a neighbouring country. I don’t have enough brain cells to adequately describe my feelings concerning that one. Neighbours? I’m with you. ❤ I see you. ❤ I don’t know how to help you but I wish I did. ❤ And it all hurts my heart.

9. Winter. Please! For the love of all good things – GO AWAY!

10. The magpies for chasing away a pair of returning crows. You live here and benefit from me, 365 days a year. The least you can do is share your tree so I can make some new crow friends! There are enough peanuts to go around.

Alright. Now that that nonsense is out of my head I’m going for a nice walk- 2 metres away from everything! 🙂

Your turn. Who or what is on your March Shit List?